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When managing a glFusion driven site, there may be time when you want to customize something, implement a widget, or simply change the order in which things are presented. glFusion has been architected to allow everything from running straight out of the box, to allowing deep customizations. Below is a list of tools we find useful in helping manage glFusion driven sites:

A cross platform FTP tool - allows for easy uploading of new releases and the ability to download / mirror site content to your local system.
Chrome Browser
Whether Chrome is your browser of choice or not, it offers several add-ons to assist with customizing a glFusion driven site. The Web Developer Inspector frame is great for validating style changes or locating which template drives specific output. There are also some useful add-ons to help when making changes or diagnosing issues:

Clear Cache
Provides a button in the toolbar to clear the browsers cache, this helps ensure you always get the latest JavaScript or style changes loaded in the browser after making changes.

Chrome Web Inspector Tutorial
A good introduction on how to use Chrome's Web Inspector (actually this applies to all modern browsers) to understand where styles are being used, how the cascading effect applies to specific areas on a page, etc.
PHP's Built-in Web Server
Did you know that PHP v5.4 and above has a built in web server? This is a great tool to run a site on your own computer so you can test out changes before moving to your production server.
Atom Editor
Atom is a free, cross platform editor that works very well in editing templates and PHP code. It support syntax highlighting and has hundreds of plugins / addons to extend its functionality.
Beyond Compare
A Windows utility that allows you to easily compare a file, multiple files, or whole sets of directories. The glFusion developers use this extensively to help migrate changes from the CMS theme to the other themes and to keep the language files in sync. This is not free software, it does cost to register, but we find it well worth the price and use almost every day.
If you are tracking the glFusion GitHub repository, SmartGit is a great cross platform Git client. It is glFusion's Git client of choice and used every day to help develop glFusion.
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