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glFusion Founders

gl Labs was originally started by Mark Evans as a support site for plugins he had created for another CMS. He was soon joined by Eric who had been making themes for CMSs, and together they began to quickly expand the site's offerings.

After a time, they decided the best way to further their vision of a modern CMS was to create glFusion. They are strong believers that open discussion and collaborative development increase the quality of glFusion's projects, and that drives their development philosophy today.

Mark R. Evans

Mark R. Evans  Mark hails from the great state of Texas. He has always enjoyed software development but professionally he doesn't get to play with the bits and bytes anymore. glFusion has provided a great opportunity to stay involved in the technical development arena.

Personally, Mark and his wonderful wife, Kathryn, have 5 kids ranging from 19 down to 7 year old twins. Believing every child should have a pet, he also has 5 dogs. While family keeps him very busy, he finds time to continue to code and work with glFusion. When not pursuing the coding hobby, Mark also enjoys SCUBA diving (Master Diver), Amateur Radio (W5ARA), and participating in community activities. Between the family and the hobbies, he keeps pretty busy, but wouldn't have it any other way.

Eric Warren (retired)

Eric enjoying a sunset out on the waterEric aka “Geiss” Warren, lives in his own private Idaho, and enjoys website/software development and graphic design.

A hospital I.S. guy by day, with a degree in Film and Digital Media (don't ask! …nobody ever ends up doing what they went to school for these days! ;-)), Eric has found that he can flex his creative muscles by providing themes and development ideas to the glFusion community. While a PHP coding novice, he is fairly competent in pure (x)html markup and css.

When not sitting in front of the computer, Eric can be found either on the golf course, hunting in the rough for his ball, or on the lake with friends and family, whipping them around behind his boat.

Community Members

The glFusion community is a constantly growing and changing group. Without the community, there would be no glFusion. Our user's help shape our features, provide support and collaboration to each other and are the backbone of what glFusion is all about, collaboration!

Over the years, we have some folks who really stand out by both being a glFusion user for so long, but mainly by the willingness to help others. There are simply too many folks to name, but if you browse through the forums it will become obvious who they are. We appreciate all they do!

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