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Mailing Lists

glFusion offers several mailing lists that are hosted by These lists are a great way to stay on-top of important glFusion news, such as security patches, development discussions and general development activity.

Using the lists

First you should subscribe to one or all of the mailing lists presented below. After subscribing you can send emails to the list(s) by using the mailing list address stated in its description.

General Mailing List Guidelines

  • When answering, don't quote the whole text. Just leave some context to understand what you are relating to
  • Write your answer below the quoted text (this make it easier to follow longer conversations)
  • Use meaningful subject lines
  • Don't start a new topic by replying to any other list message (this messes up threading)
  • Don't CC list members when replying (they would get your mail twice) — hit “reply”, not “reply all”
  • Don't use the list for idle chit chat, if your message adds no new information don't send it

glFusion Announcement Mailing List

This is a read-only list where important glFusion announcements are made. This is a very low volume list. Posts include announcements for new glFusion releases, security patches, etc.

You can subscribe, unsubscribe and change your settings for the glFusion Announcement list using the Free Lists Web Interface.

Or you can send a mail to with one of the following subjects:

  • subscribe to subscribe
  • unsubscribe to unsubscribe


The Mailing list archive is available at

glFusion Development Mailing List

You can participate in glFusion development discussions by subscribing to the glFusion development mailing list. This list, in addition to the glFusion Github Project Page and the development forums is a great place to get involved with the project.


The Mailing list archive is available at

glFusion User Forum

The official user forum is available at

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