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The Vintage Theme is based off the original glFusion Nouveau theme, which has been updated to use the jQuery JavaScript Library. The Vintage theme is only provided as a bridge for sites that are upgrading from older versions of glFusion and migrating from the MooTools JavaScript library.

The Vintage theme is not actively developed or supported. The main purpose is to allow older glFusion sites a migration path to the latest glFusion release. It is recommended that sites utilize the newer glFusion themes based on the UIKIT Framework.

Briefly, the Vintage theme features include:

  • Tableless markup. All appropriate markup is created with <div> tags and other elements.
  • SEO friendly design where content comes first in the code, followed by side blocks.
  • Both Fluid and Fixed width versions of the theme, one line configurable in header.thtml.
  • Validates to HTML 4.01 Transitional, HTML 4.01 Strict or XHTML Transitional 1.0 via a switch in the theme's functions.php)
  • Support for glFusion's Menu Builder cascading menus.
  • Additional typography elements with enhanced block class styling, quote & code styling, list styling, and more.
  • Extra block styling options for both left and right blocks.
  • YUI grids.css support.
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