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Legacy Theme

The Legacy Theme is built on top of the UIKIT Framework and attempts to mimic the older, 3 column layout used by glFusion for several years. Although it replicates the older, 3 column layout, the Legacy themes supports all the modern features in glFusion, including a fully responsive layout.

How To Customize

The header logo is set at 60px height - you may need to either remove the height or adjust it based on the logo size you use. The logo size or styles can be customized in the logo-graphic.thtml template.

To add footer blocks, you can create a static page with an ID of footer-block. In the static page, you can put whatever you wish to appear in the footer area.

One approach would be to use the [showblock:blockname] auto tag to display blocks, for example:


This example would display 4 blocks in the footer - using the blocks with the following block IDs:

  • followusblock (this block is created by glFusion and visible if the site has setup social site integrations)
  • rss_feeds
  • news_topics
  • useful_links

Browser Support

Latest ✔ Latest ✔ 9+ ✔ 7.1+ ✔ Latest ✔
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