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Installing a Theme

Installing a new theme on your glFusion site is a simple process. All that is needed is to upload the theme files into the proper directory on your web server. Below are the detailed steps to get a theme installed.

  • Download the theme you wish to install from the glFusion Theme Download Section.
  • Un-archive the downloaded theme to a temporary directory on your local workstation. The theme archive will contain a single top-level directory name that is the name of the theme. In this example, we'll download and extract the UIKIT-Theme-170 theme:

As you can see when we extracted the files to our workstation - we have the uikit directory (the name of the theme) and then several files and directories below it. These are the files we want to FTP to our web site.

  • Fire up your favorite FTP program, we recommend FileZilla as it works across all operating systems and is very easy to use.
  • Connect to your web server with your FTP program.
  • We want to FTP the uikit directory and all of its files to the public_html/layout/ directory on our web server.

  • Once the files have been copied to your web server, you are ready to go!
  • You can change the site theme by navigating to Command & Control → Configuration → Theme and then select your newly uploaded theme in the Theme dropdown box.
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