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glFusion CMS Theme

The CMS Theme is the master theme included with all glFusion releases. CMS is a modern theme, utilizing a 2 column layout of content and right navigation . This theme uses the UIKIT Framework as the base for the grid and visual interface.

Customizations from the base UIKIT styles are implemented in the theme's style.css file - where custom theme styles are prefaced with tm-*.

It is important that you do not delete the CMS theme from your site. Even if you are not using the CMS theme, it is the master theme for glFusion and other themes require it be present. This allow us to publish only a subset of templates for other themes.

The CMS theme offers the following features / capabilities:

  • Home page static page inclusion
  • Blocks in the footer


The CMS theme expects the main navigation menu to be named navigation in Menu Builder.

The Off-Canvas menu is named navigation_mobile.

Home Page

The CMS theme is configured to look for a Static Page with the ID of homepage-header - if this page exists, the theme will display the contents of the static page immediately after the navigation menu only on the home page of the site.

Some example uses of this could be a hero image on your main page, or a slide show, etc.


Blocks are used in glFusion to deliver specific, small blocks of content in various locations.

The CMS Theme utilizes blocks in the right side navigation and in the footer area. In the glFusion Block Administration screen, you can configure which blocks display in each location.

General Notes

The CMS theme does not display the Site Slogan due to the compact header space.

Any overrides to the styles should be done in the theme's custom.css file.

See the wiki section on Customizing the Look and Feel of glFusion for details on how to customize the CMS theme.

Browser Support

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