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Template Differences between glFusion v1.5.x and glFusion v1.6.0

glFusion v1.6.0 has implemented a new menu system, improvements to the story and static page editor, and added a new footer.js JavaScript file. Please ensure you update any customized templates. See the list of template changes below:


Directory / Template Must Update Description
layout/cms/admin/autotag/autotag.thtml Style tweaks
layout/cms/admin/autotag/autotag_upload_form.thtml X Modified the upload buttons
layout/cms/admin/config/config_element.thtml Style tweak to better support mobile
layout/cms/admin/config/configuration.thtml X Added new off screen navigation for mobile view
layout/cms/admin/lists/topmenu.thtml Style tweak
layout/cms/admin/menu/createelement.thtml X Fixed bug where open window did not display
layout/cms/admin/menu/editelement.thtml X Fixed bug where open window did not display
layout/cms/admin/plugins/plugin_upload_form.thtml X Improved upload styling
layout/cms/admin/story/storyeditor.thtml X Added quick buttons - fixed error with embedded auto tags causing form to break
layout/cms/admin/story/storyglobal.thtml X New template to support global attribute editor
layout/cms/admin/user/userinfopanel.thtml X Added social integration
layout/cms/admin/logview.thtml X New template allow styling log view
layout/cms/article/custom/index.html Prevent browsing
layout/cms/article/article.thtml X Added social integration
layout/cms/autotags/index.html Prevent browsing
layout/cms/bbcode/editor.thtml X New template missing from previous releases
layout/cms/comment/comment.thtml X Completely restyled
layout/cms/comment/commentbar.thtml X Completely restyled - external comment integration support
layout/cms/comment/commentform.thtml X Restyled - removed 'important stuff'
layout/cms/images/icons/social.png X New icon to support social integration
layout/cms/js/config.js X Added attribution
layout/cms/js/footer.js X New - required - loaded JS in footer of page
layout/cms/js/jquery.smartmenus.min.js X New - required - New smartmenu (multiple level) integration
layout/cms/menu/menu_horizontal_cascading.thtml X Support SmartMenu integration
layout/cms/preferences/current_password.thtml Style tweak - improved mobile view
layout/cms/preferences/password.thtml Style tweak - improved mobile view
layout/cms/preferences/profile.thtml X Social integration
layout/cms/preferences/subscriptionblock.thtml Style tweak - improved mobile view
layout/cms/preferences/username.thtml Style tweak - improved mobile view
layout/cms/profiles/contactauthorform.thtml Style tweak
layout/cms/search/searchauthors.thtml X New - missing from previous release
layout/cms/social/follow_user.thtml X New - social integration
layout/cms/social/follow_user_profile.thtml X New - social integration
layout/cms/social/socialshare.thtml X New - social integration
layout/cms/stats/itemstatistics.thtml X New - missing from previous release
layout/cms/stats/singlestat.thtml X New - missing from previous release
layout/cms/users/email.thtml X Consistent style on meta icons
layout/cms/users/loginform.thtml X Restyled - added new user link
layout/cms/users/profile.thtml X Style updates - added social integration
layout/cms/users/registrationform.thtml X Improved required field support - added already have account link
layout/cms/widgets/slider.thtml X New - support new slider widget
layout/cms/widgets/spring-menu.thtml X New - support sprint menu widget
layout/cms/widgets/tab-slider.thtml X New - support tab slider widget
layout/cms/widgets/uikit-slider.thtml X New - support new UIKIT slider widget
layout/cms/archivestorytext.thtml X Story Image and Social Integration support
layout/cms/blockheader-admcfg.thtml X Fixed typo where ID would not work
layout/cms/css.php X Bumped version number
layout/cms/featuredstorytext.thtml X Story image and social integration
layout/cms/footer.thtml X Support footer.js and loading JS in footer
layout/cms/functions.php X Several changes to support new features
layout/cms/header.thtml X 3rd Party Comment integration
layout/cms/htmlheader.thtml X Fixed language and locale
layout/cms/index.thtml X New - infinite scroll support
layout/cms/js.php X Bump version number
layout/cms/loginform.thtml X Style tweaks
layout/cms/loginform_oauth_block.thtml X Style tweaks
layout/cms/pagination.thtml X Support infinite scroll
layout/cms/rightblocks.thtml X Style improvements
layout/cms/storytext.thtml X Social integration, story image support
layout/cms/style.css X Set width on navbar brand. New video styles to support Media Gallery's new responsive video playback - Added some legacy (older) alignment styles to support existing plugins. Support for social icons.

Vintage Theme Template Updates

Directory / Template Must Update Description
layout/vintage/admin/plugins X All plugin templates are now stored here for the Vintage theme
layout/vintage/admin/logview.thtml X New
layout/vintage/article/article.thtml X Social Integration support
layout/vintage/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.css X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/FontAwesome.otf X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff X New
layout/vintage/font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff2 X New
layout/vintage/js/chronometer.js X New - missing from previous relesae
layout/vintage/js/footer.js X New
layout/vintage/preferences/profile.thtml X Social integration support
layout/vintage/social/follow_user.thtml X New
layout/vintage/social/follow_user_profile.thtml X New
layout/vintage/social/socialshare.thtml X New
layout/vintage/users/profile.thtml X Social integration support
layout/vintage/widgets/slider.thtml X New - slider widget template
layout/vintage/widgets/spring-menu.thtml X New - spring menu widget template
layout/vintage/widgets/tab-slider.thtml X New - tab slider widget template
layout/vintage/archivestorytext.thtml X Social Integration
layout/vintage/featuredstorytext.thtml X Social Integration
layout/vintage/footer.thtml X Support JS loaded in footer
layout/vintage/functions.php X Updated with several features to support new capabilities
layout/vintage/header.thtml X 3rd Party comment support
layout/vintage/index.thtml X New - required for homepage
layout/vintage/pagination.thtml X Infinite scroll support
layout/vintage/storytext.thtml X Social Integration
layout/vintage/style.css X Several new styles to support social integration and other tweaks

Template Changes Archive

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