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Template Differences between glFusion v1.1.8 and glFusion v1.2.0

This is a list of templates that have been modified between glFusion v1.1.8 and glFusion v1.2.0. Those with an X in the Must Update column must be updated in your theme or functionality will break.

Click the template name to see the actual changes to the template file.

Changed Templates in glFusion CMS

Directory / Template
Directory / Template Name Must Update Description
blockeditor.thtml X Modified how submit / cancel buttons work.
blockeditor_advanced.thtml X Modified how submit / cancel buttons work.
defaultblockeditor.thtml X Modified how submit / cancel buttons work.
envcheck.thtml NEW New template to support the Environment Check feature.
groupeditor.thtml X Added option for default groups. Modified how submit / cancel buttons work.
groupmembers.thtml X Modified how submit / cancel buttons work.
actionrow.thtml NEW New template to support improved admin lists.
list.thtml X Removed delete feature from this template, now handled dynamically in the code.
searchmenu.thtml X New option to clear search - auto submit when selection changes.
mailform.thtml X Updated to support improved admin lists.
mailform_advanced.thtml X Updated to support improved admin lists.
editor.thtml X Improved handling of save / cancel buttons.
plugin_upload_form.thtml Style improvement to support new plugin admin screen.
storyeditor.thtml X Implemented Reset Rating feature.
storyeditor_advanced.thtml X Implemented Reset Rating feature.
feededitor.thtml X Improved handling of save / cancel buttons.
selecttype.thtml X Improved handling of buttons (no longer language dependent).
topiceditor.thtml X Added field validation JavaScript. Ability to specify sort stories by…
accountpanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
adminuseredit.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
contentpanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
grouppanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
layoutpanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
privacypanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
userinfopanel.thtml NEW Enhanced user editor.
batchadmin.thtml NEW Enhanced batch user administration.
batchadmin_options.thtml NEW Enhanced batch user administration.
prefeditor.thtml NEW New global preference editor.
editor.thtml NEW New BBcode editor.
blockheader-left.thtml X Added new block id to allow block specific styling.
blockheader-right.thtml X Added new block id to allow block specific styling.
blockheader.thtml X Added new block id to allow block specific styling.
featuredstorytext.thtml X Fixed missing </p> and added post comment link.
footer.thtml Added feature to display current version (including patchlevel) for Root users.
loginform.thtml Cosmetic Updates.
logo-graphic.thtml Made header site name easier to style.
logo-text.thtml Made header site name easier to style.
storytext.thtml Moved post comment link below the read more link.
comment.thtml X Improved nested view.
commentform.thtml X Implemented comment editor option. Standardized the input field names.
commentform_advanced.thtml X Standardized the input field names.
reportcomment.thtml Cosmetic - replaced hr with div.
thread.thtml Cosmetic - give threaded child comments a little extra padding.
item_field.thtml Cosmetic updates.
item_row.thtml Cosmetic updates.
list.thtml Cosmetic updates.
searchform.thtml X New advanced search options.
loginform.thtml X Support new consolidated login / authentication.
registrationform.thtml X Added support for new registration type where user can enter their own password.
Stylesheet Changes
style.css X New styles to support BBcode editor, environment check, and consolidated login.
style-color.css X New styles to support BBcode editor, environment check, and consolidated login.
Theme Function File
functions.php X Added new styles for user block to solve XHTML issue.
New Images
accept.png X Support new admin lists
action.png X
add.png X
addchild.png X
blank.png X
check.png X
copy.png X
cross.png X
delete.png X
disk.png X
edit.png X
greycheck.png X
greyinfo.png X
greyuser.png X
group.png X
info.png X
list.png X
mail.png X
update.png X
user.png X
wrench.png X
envcheck.png X Supports new Envcheck feature.
filecheck.png X Supports new FileCheck feature.
search.png X New search screen image.
Updated Images
copy.png X Supports new admin lists options.
delete.png X
versioncheck.png X New version check icon.
Deleted Templates
Plugin Templates
private/plugins/calendar/templates/ Must Update Description
addevent.thtml X
editpersonalevent.thtml X
submitevent.thtml X
private/plugins/calendar/templates/admin/ Must Update Description
eventeditor.thtml X
private/plugins/captcha/templates/ Must Update Description
captcha.thtml X
captcha_calendar.thtml X
captcha_comment.thtml X
captcha_contact.thtml X
captcha_emailstory.thtml X
captcha_forum.thtml X
captcha_links.thtml X
captcha_mediagallery.thtml X
captcha_registration.thtml X
captcha_story.thtml X
private/plugins/forum/templates/ Must Update Description
gettopic.thtml New Used by new moderation merge feature.
mod_confirm.thtml New New moderator confirmation screen.
notifymessage.thtml X
post_topic_navbar.thtml X
smilies.thtml X
submissionform_anontop.thtml X
submissionform_code.thtml X
submissionform_main.thtml X
submissionform_main_advanced.thtml X
submissionform_membertop.thtml X
topic.thtml X
topic_navbar.thtml X
topiclisting.thtml X
private/plugins/forum/templates/admin/ Must Update Description
phpbb3_migrate_confirm.thtml X New phpBB3 Import confirmation screen.
phpbb3_migrate_db.thtml X New phpBB3 Import screen.
private/plugins/forum/templates/links/ Must Update Description
subscribe_forum.thtml X Support new subscription / RSS icons.
private/plugins/forum/templates/userprefs/ Must Update Description
profile_user_settings.thtml X
public_html/forum/images/ Must Update Description
notify_off.png NEW New topic notify icon.
notify_on.png NEW New topic notify icon.
rss_small.png NEW New RSS icon for forums.
private/plugins/links/templates/ Must Update Description
submitlink.thtml X
private/plugins/links/templates/admin/ Must Update Description
categoryeditor.thtml X
linkeditor.thtml X
private/plugins/mediagallery/templates/ Must Update Description
cfgedit.thtml X
flvfp.thtml X Allow full screen playback by default.
mg_navigation.thtml X Removed PHP Info link - now in Environment Check
swfupload.thtml X Fixed error where you could not move mediagallery/ directory
xspf_radio.thtml X Fixed album playback.
private/plugins/polls/templates/ Must Update Description
pollblock.thtml X
pollquestion.thtml X
pollresult.thtml X
private/plugins/polls/templates/admin/ Must Update Description
polleditor.thtml X
pollquestions.thtml X
private/plugins/sitetailor/templates/ Must Update Description
createelement.thtml X New option - Topic Menu type
editelement.thtml X New option - Topic Menu type
gl_horizontal-cascading.thtml X
private/plugins/staticpages/templates/admin/ Must Update Description
editor.thtml X
editor_advanced.thtml X

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