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Template Differences between glFusion v1.1.3 and glFusion v1.1.4

This is a list of templates that have been modified between glFusion v1.1.3 and glFusion v1.1.4. Those with an X in the Must Update column must be updated in your theme or functionality will break.

Changed Templates

Directory / Template Must Update Description
htmlheader.thtml X Changed 2 lines that reference style sheet and javascript. Now references css.php and js.php. {site_url}/css.php?t={theme} and {site_url}/js.php?t={theme}
style.css Added new styles for .stats-header-title-narrow and .stats-header-count-wide
config_element.thtml X Added new element type of password.
groupmembers.thtml X Removed the header table. No using admin lists so no header is needed.
list.thtml X Added a check to surpress the <form></form> HTML if no form_url is defined.
search.thtml Increased the length of the search keyword field to 255 characters.
profile.thtml Do not display the email icon if user has no email or has elected not to receive emails.

Template Changes Archive

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