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glFusion uses three different templates for stories, storytext.thtml, featuredstorytext.thtml and archivestorytext.thtml. This allows you to have a different look and feel for featured stories.

The story style consists of the following items:

  • Story Title
  • Story Meta Data, including comments and topic
  • Story content
    • intro text
    • body text
  • Rating
  • Other
  • About Author
  • Comments

Story Title

Styling the story title is pretty straight forward, it is wrapped in a <h2> tag, using standard UIKIT article title styles. There is a theme style, tm-article-title that you can add CSS in the custom.css style sheet to change the style. For example, if you would like the title to be italics, you could add the following to custom.css:

      .tm-article-title {
          font-style: italic;

It is that simple!

Story Meta Data

The story meta data refers to the Author, Date, Time, comments, etc.

FIXME - Work in Progress

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