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Styling glFusion

Styling or theming glFusion can be a bit confusing. Once you understand how everything works together, it is actually pretty simple and provides a huge amount of flexibility to tweak things just how you want them.

Core Concepts

glFusion has adopted the UIKIT v2 Framework as our standard. It is highly recommended that you utilize the documentation provided by the UIKIT team - Please visit for details on all the great capabilities UIKIT provides glFusion.

The overall look and feel is controlled by templates. Templates allow us to separate the PHP code from the HTML / CSS code and allows an easy way for you to customize things without having to be a PHP programmer. You do need to have a fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS. Understanding how the UIKIT framework works is also very helpful, as we have tried to leverage UIKIT as much as possible in our look and feel development.

Core glFusion templates are stored in the theme directory, for example, the CMS theme's templates are located in the public_html/layout/cms directory. They are located in various sub-directories to help keep them organized.

Customizing the Look & Feel

The glFusion Theme Support Forum is also an excellent place to ask questions and review previous discussions on customizations.

  • Mobile Menu
    How to create / modify an off-canvas menu for mobile / small screen viewports.
  • Icons provided by UIKIT
    glFusion leverages fonts provided by FontAwesome - see what fonts are available for use in menus, stories, or just about any content area.
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