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glFusion Project Source Code

The glFusion project utilizes GitHub's Source Code Repository system to store all project source code. All glFusion code is stored in a Git repository.

glFusion's Github Page

glFusion utilizes Github's collaboration environment to store and maintain the glFusion CMS code. Github provides the following features that are used by glFusion:

  • Git repository hosting
  • Integrated Issue Tracker
  • Collaborative Code Review
  • Easily manage development teams
  • Support for all OSs, desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

These tools provide a robust environment to foster collaboration, testing, issue / feature tracking, and the ability for anyone to contribute to the glFusion CMS code.

Please visit the glFusion Github Page where you can:

  • Browse the source code
  • View / enter issues and feature requests
  • Track glFusion's development
  • Collaborate with the team
  • Provide updates to the glFusion code.

glFusion's Repository Structure

The main branch in glFusion's Git repository is the master branch. This branch is typically maintained in a deployable state, meaning the code should be tested and usable. Generally the master branch is a current representation of the current production release.

The develop branch is where most work is done. This contains the bleeding edge code and could still have issues or bugs that have not been resolved yet. If you want to track the current development, the develop branch is the branch to use.

Feature/Bug Branches are created as needed to house the development of new features or bug fixes. Developers will create a branch to work through the development of a feature or bug fix and then merge this branch back into the master branch when complete. Note that feature / bug branches are dynamic, they come and go as needed.

tags - Each release is tagged for reference. It is easy to pull the code for a specific release by using the release tags.

Monitoring glFusion's Github Page

You can be notified via email when things happen on glFusion's Github page by selecting the 'Watch' button on the glFusion Github Page. This will notify you when code is modified, issues are created of modified.

Repository Mailing List

Each time code is committed to the glFusion Git repository, an announcement email is sent to the glFusion Git Announce mailing list. You can monitor code changes by subscribing to the glFusion Git mailing list.

Development Mailing List

You can participate in glFusion development discussions by subscribing to the glFusion development mailing list. This list, in addition to the glFusion Github Project Page and the development forums is a great place to get involved with the project.

Getting the Latest Development Code

Anonymous read access is allowed, so anyone can checkout the latest source code. You can clone or fork the repository or download a zip file containing the latest code. See the glFusion Github page for details.

Keeping the Database / Configuration Up-to-date

When running the development, you cannot run the standard Upgrade Wizard as the code is updated. Instead, we provide a utility that will ensure your database and configuration information is up-to-date. Each time you refresh your local copy of the code, run the following command:

This will force the necessary database changes and configuration changes for the core glFusion code and all bundled plugins.

Testing Help Needed

If you are interested in helping with the testing of the current development code, please visit the How to Help With Testing page.

General Notes

We try to keep the current development branch in working order, however this might not always be the case. Specifically, the version number for the development branch does not change during the development process so any database upgrades needed by the development code may have to be applied manually.

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