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Topics are admin-defined containers that are intended to hold groups of stories. Topics can also be used in glFusion to control when specific content is displayed. For example, you could set a block to only display when a specific topic is being displayed - essentially providing a context sensitive block.

By using a topic selection, you can apply a general filter to the story, comment and block content that ensures that only the content relevant to that subject will be displayed.

Creating Topics

To create a new topic, select the Create New option from the Topic Manager Screen. The following options are available when creating a topic:

This is a long description of the topic that is displayed.
Every topic must have a unique ID. You can use a descriptive word (or words, but use a underscore (_) to separate the words) as the ID. Topic IDs can only contain letters, numbers, and an underscore (_)
A topic description. The description will be used as the hover text when browsing topics.
You can associate an icon with each topic. If you have already uploaded some topic images, specify the relative path to the topic image.
Upload Topic Icon
You can also upload a new icon for the topic.
Display After
Allows you control the order topics are displayed relative to each other
This specifies how many stories should be listed on a page when viewing this topic. (Default: 10)
Sort By
This allows you control whether stories are displayed in order of Date, Title, or Story ID
Sort Stories Direction
Specifies what order stories should be sorted in (Ascending or Descending)
If this is selected, this will become the default topic for all new stories. Only one topic can be selected as the Default topic.
Archive Topic
If this is selected, this will become the topic where stories are archived (moved) if archiving is enabled. Only one topic can be selected as the Archive topic.

Access Rights

Each topic contains a set of access permissions. These permissions will take priority over a specific story's permissions. If the topic permissions are more restrictive, they will override the story's permissions.

Using Access Rights gives you an excellent method to make content available to different groups on your site. For example, to restrict certain stories so they can only be viewed by paid subscribers, you would create a new group called PaidSubscribers. Set the Group to PaidSubscribers, then make sure the Anonymous permission is not checked. Also, make sure the Members permissions is not checked. Make sure the Group Read permission is checked. Now, only members of the PaidSubscribers group can see this topic.

Deleting a Topic

When deleting a topic, this will also delete all stories, comments and blocks associated with the topic. Unless a story has an alternate topic, in which case, the story will have the deleted topic removed and the alternate topic will become the primary topic for the story.

Note that the Topic Editor screen now displays the number of associated stories, draft stories, story images, comments and/or blocks that are currently assigned to the topic being edited. This can be used as a method to assess the impact of deleting a topic.

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