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Submission / Moderation System

glFusion allows you to have certain items queued for review before they become live on your site. For example, if you allow users to post stories, you might want to review them first to ensure the content is appropriate. Once you review the submission, you can either approve or decline it.

The following items can be set for moderation:

  • Stories
  • Users
  • Links
  • Calendar Events
  • Media Gallery submissions
  • File Submissions

The File Management Plugin also support moderation, but they handle the moderation internally instead of leveraging glFusion's submission / moderation system.

User Moderation

You can enable the User Submission Queue in the online configuration screen. This would require all new users who have registered on your site be approved before their accounts become active.

The user will be notified that their account request is currently being reviewed by the site administrators. Once you have approved the submission, the user will be notified via email that they can complete the registration process.

If you decline the user submission, no notification is sent to the user.

Content Moderation

If you enable the Story, Comment, Links, or Event submission queue, each time a user submits new content, they will be informed that the content is queued for review. Once the submission is approved, the user will be notified via email.

If you delete the submission, no notification is sent to the user.

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