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Group Administration

Group Administration is where you setup new groups or edit existing groups used to control access to site content as well as site admin features. An overview of the security model and how groups are used is covered in the Security Controls section.

If you have access to this site admin feature, you should have a 'Group Admin' or 'Groups' link in your admin menu.

Functions performed in this admin area

  • Add a new group so I can add a list of users to. I want to use this group to control access to site content
  • Edit exiting group - need to add/remove some members
  • Need to add a user to the 'Root' group

Adding a New Group

The following image shows the screen for adding a new group or editing an existing group. Used to define a new group of users for restricting content access or to control access to site features such as administration. New plugins or add-on components add their own site permissions (rights or features). In general the edit access right grants admin privilege and the view access right grants general view privileges.

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