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File Management Plugin (Filemgmt)

The File Management plugin is an effective way to manage and share files. The File Manager Plugin takes advantage of the many features of a glFusion powered website, including integrated searching, the latest files block, and full support for the glFusion security model. Among other great benefits, other glFusion plugins may use the File manager to handle all file management.

Creating categories is essential to organizing your systems files. Using the File Manager, you can create categories in which files are uploaded. All categories can be restricted so that only certain users or groups may view, edit, and administer files. Implementing access restrictions will hide categories from different users of the glFusion system.


Categories are the containers used to store your files. Category permissions determine who can view and upload files. Categories are hierarchical, meaning categories can be sub-categories. This allows you to organize your files in a logical manner. For example, at we have a main glFusion category, below it (as sub-categories) we have Plugins, Themes, Hacks, etc.

View Access

This is the group that has the ability to see the category and the files contained in the category. Setting this to All Users means everyone can see and access the files. If you set this to Logged-in-Users, only users who are logged into your site can see the category and it's files.

Upload Access

This specifies the glFusion group that has direct upload access. This means members of this group can upload files directly and bypass the moderation queue. If you set this to Root or filemgmt Admin, then all other user submissions will be queued for approval before being available for download.


You can attach a screenshot of the file to the download

Parent Category

Defines the parent for this category. If this is a top-level category, leave this field as .

Submission Queue

When a user submits a file to the FileMgmt plugin, each member of the filemgmt Admin group will receive an email notification that a new file has been submitted to the moderation queue.

To review the submitted files, choose the Downloads link from the FileMgmt Administration Menu.

This will display all files in the queue.

From this screen, you can approve or deny the submitted file. You can also modify the title, description, or the category.

Uploading Files

There are two types of uploads in FileMgmt. User submitted uploads and administrator's uploads.

The User Submitted Upload screen allows either a site user or the administrator to upload files. If the user does not have write permissions to the category, the file will be placed in the submission queue.

The Administrator's Upload screen provides a little more flexibility and functionality. From this screen, you can specify a URL to a file instead of actually uploading a file. This allows you to reference remotely hosted files in your file download library.

FileMgmt User Interface

The file list presented to the user is a well organized list of all files they have access to download.

If you are a member of the filemgmt Admin group, you can select the icon which will present a list of all downloads for that file.

FileMgmt Configuration Options

FileMgmt is very flexible, many features can be controlled via the configuration settings. FileMgmt's configuration settings are available through the glFusion Online Configuration System.

Details on all of the FileMgmt Configuration settings can be found in the FileMgmt Configuration Section.

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