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The Calendar plugin is a great tool which allows users and administrators to create events which will appear in the calendars of users who have appropriate access. Events can include things from appointments to vacations, and everything in between. Event types are entirely customizable.

When an event is added, it will be added to the site calendar where users can view all the events (depending upon the permissions set for the event). Additionally, upcoming events will be displayed in a block on the page. There is also a 'Site Calendar' block which highlights dates with upcoming events.

The configuration options for the Calendar plugin are available in the Online Configuration Screen.

Other Options

Please note that some of the options from glFusion’s main configuration are also relevant for the calendar plugin.

Times and dates are formatted according to the current language and the locale settings from glFusion’s main configuration.

Master Calendar

The master calendar is global to the site, all users (with appropriate permissions) can view the master calendar.

Personal Calendar

Personal calendars are unique and private to registered users. No other user can see or modify a personal calendar.

Calendar Fields

A brief description of the event.
Event Type
The type of event - event types can be edited / added / deleted in the Calendar Configuration
If checked, the event is enabled (published), if not checked, the event is considered to be in draft state and not published.
Event URL
If the event has a web page with more information, the URL can be entered here.
All Day Event
If checked, this is treated as an all day event (no start / end time defined).
Event Start Date
Start Date of the event
Start Time
Time the event start
Event End Date
End date of the event
End Time
Time the event ends
Location information for the event
Address Line 1
Address of the location
Address Line 2
Additional address for the location
City where the event is located
State where the event is located
Zip Code
Zipcode where the event is located
Event Description
A detailed description of the event. This field is required.
Post Mode
Whether or not to allow HTML in the event description
Displays the number of hits / times the event has been viewed
The owner of the event
The group owner for the event
Permissions on who can view / edit the event
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