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Stop Forum Spam

The folks at Stop Forum Spam provide lists of spammers that persist in abusing forums and blogs with their scams, ripoffs, exploits and other annoyances*. They provide these lists so that you don't have to endure the never ending job of having to moderate, filter and delete their rubbish.

Stop Forum Spam provide a “free for use” site where you can check registrations and posts against our database. We list known forum and blog spammers, including IP and email addresses, usernames, how busy they are and, in some cases, evidence of their spam.

glFusion has implemented the Stop Forum Spam API to automate searching the SFS database each time a user tries to do one of the following:

  • register on your site
  • post to your forums
  • post a comment

Each time one of the above actions is tried by a site user, their email address, username, and IP address are validated against the SFS database. If they are found, the action is denied.

Validate Existing Site Users

Sometimes BOT or spammer username and addresses are not immediately known to Stop Forum Spam. glFusion has a new feature in the Command & Control center that allows you to check your existing site users against the SFS database.

You can select the SFS User Check& option and it will display the last 10 user's who registered on your site - checking their email, username, and remote IP address against the SFS database. You can then select to ban or delete the user if they are found.

Be careful on the username matches - many 'generic' user names such as a person's first name, may appear in the SFS database. Look to see if their email or IP address also matched before deleting.

Each time you select SFS User Check it performs a real-time check as each user is displayed. This is why the default list is only 10 users - you can select to display more from the dropdown menu on the list. Keep in mind, it takes some time to perform several look ups, so it may take several seconds for the page to display.

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