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Microsoft Live OAuth Authentication

glFusion allows you to authenticate users with their Microsoft Live login credentials.

You must create an application at to obtain an Application ID and Application Secret which will be entered into your glFusion configuration.

The Windows Live application management site assists you with the registration process, issues your client ID to you, and provides a place where you can continue to manage all the applications you register.

To get your client ID

If this is your first visit to this site, you will see several pages that configure your Windows Live ID for use with the site.

  • Click Add an application.
  • Provide the following information in the form on the Connect your application to Windows Live page.
Allow Implicit Flow
Ensure this box is checked.
Restrict token issuing to this app
Ensure this box is checked. This will limit your client ID and secret to be used exclusively by this application.
Target Domain
This is the domain that other apps will use when they request a token. You should enter your site's URL here.
Redirect URLs
You should enter This is used redirect back to your site after authenticating with Microsoft.
Logo (Optional)
You can upload a logo that will appear on the Microsoft Live Authentication screen when a user logs into your site using Live Authentication.
Terms of Service
If you have a Terms of Service page (which you should), enter the URL to the page here.
Privacy Statement
If you have a Privacy statement page (which you should), enter the URL to the page here.

Click Save to save the information. Be sure to record the Application ID and Application Secret as you will need to enter them into the glFusion configuration.

Finalizing Setup

Once you have created the Microsoft Live Oauth keys and access tokens, you will need to enter these into the glFusion Configuration.

  1. Navigate to Command & ControlUsers & Submissions
  2. Ensure User Login Method[oauth] is set to True
  3. Set Enable Microsoft OAuth Login Method to True
  4. Enter the Application ID from Microsoft in the Microsoft OAuth Consumer Key field
  5. Enter the Application Secret from GitHub in the Microsoft OAuth Consumer Secret field
  6. Select Save Changes

Now you should have Microsoft Live authentication enabled for your site!

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