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The Polls plugin is an great tool to understand your visitors opinion. You can use the Poll plugin to know what your users think about your website new design or what kind of stories they like or their opinion on content on your site. There are a lot of websites which use poll and survey form to collect information from their users.

Create a Poll

To create a new set of poll questions - navigate to Command & Control → Polls → Select Create New.

Poll ID
Every poll needs a unique ID to identify the poll. IDs must not contain spaces, but can contain letters and numbers.
The Poll Topic is the title of the poll. This is only displayed when there is more than 1 question in the poll. The title is not displayed when there is only a single question in the poll as it would be redundant.
A more detailed description of the poll or the goals of the poll.
Appears on Pollblock
glFusion automatically creates a Poll Block during the initial installation. If this box is checked, this poll will appear in the Poll block if the block is enabled.
Polls can be open or closed. Once closed, only the results are shown and no additional votes will be allowed.
Login Required to Vote
If this is selected, only logged-in users will be able to vote. Anonymous users will be asked to login before they are allowed to vote.
Hide results while poll is open
You can create a 'blind poll' where the results are kept secret until the poll is closed. User's will be able to vote, but they will not see the results until you close the poll.
Note: Root users and Poll Admins will always see the poll results regardless of this setting.
Each poll can have up to 10 questions. Questions are compromised of 3 components: Question, Answers, and Remarks. Each question has a set of defined answers for the user to select from. Each Answer can also have a remark or comment to help clarify the question.
The owner of the poll, will also ways edit / view rights.
Group ownership for the poll
Defines the permissions for the poll.

How Polls Work

In order to prevent manipulation of polls (or at least make it harder), glFusion does two things when you vote:

  1. It stores a cookie
  2. It stores your IP address
  3. If a logged in user votes, their user id is stored

Both the cookie and the IP are valid for a certain amount of time (see below) and during that time, you can't vote again on the same poll.

The amount of time your cookie and IP are stored can be changed in the polls plugin configuration.

  • Voter Cookie Valid for…
  • Voter IP Address Valid for…

Both times are in seconds (i.e. the cookie is valid for 24 hours and the IP is stored for a week).

In setups where more than one person uses the same computer or the same IP address, you can set one (or both) of them to 1.

Embedding Polls into other Content

There are several auto tags available to allow you to embed polls and / or poll results in other glFusion content.

If the user has not voted and the poll is open, the poll questions will be displayed for the user to vote. If the user has already voted, the poll results will be displayed (unless Hide results while poll is open is selected, in which case a message the following message will be displayed: Poll results will be available only after the Poll has closed.).
Display the polls results - if the poll results are hidden until the poll is closed, the following message will be displayed: Poll results will be available only after the Poll has closed.
Displays a link to a poll, designed by Poll ID. An example:
[poll:features Click Here to take our poll on New Features]
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