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SocialShare Story Sharing

SocialShare's main feature is to provide social sharing capabilities to glFusion stories. SocialShare allows you to place a share icon / button in the story icons (where the email, print, edit icons reside) or in the story body (at the bottom). When displayed in the story body, the share buttons will be displayed in both the summary view and full story view.

If Story Share is disabled on the General Settings tab, all these options will be disabled
Require user to click share button to open menu
If True, the mini pop-up menu will only display when the user clicks on the share icon / button. If False, the mini pop-up menu will display automatically when the user hovers over the share icon / button.
Hover Delay (ms)
If Display Menu on Click is False - the # of milliseconds delay before the share menu opens on hover.
Number of Services in Mini Pop-Up Menu
The number of services to include in pop-up menu. Usually best to use an even number.
Story Share Button Styles
Select the style of the share icon.
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