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Social Share Buttons

The Social Share Button feature will replace glFusion's stock social share feature, which means it will apply to all content types that support social sharing.

The SocialShare Plugin offer more services than the default glFusion social share service. SocialShare also offers additional features such as Google Analytics statistics.

If Replace glFusion's Social Share Button setting is disabled on the General Settings tab, all these options will be disabled

Social Share Button Settings

Display Share Buttons in Summary (index) View
glFusion has 2 different types of views for stories;

The Summary View, which is used when viewing a list of stories on the home page or when viewing a topic. The Summary view only displays the introtext of the story.

The Full View is when viewing a single story.

If this setting is True, the Social Share Buttons will be included in both the Summary View and Full View.

If this setting is False, the Social Share buttons will only be displayed in the Full View.
Include More Option
If True, place the + more button at the end of the configured share buttons. The More button will display the mini share menu. If False, only the buttons for the services with Share Button selected will be displayed.
Display Share Counts
If True, display the number of times the content item has been shared. Note, not all share services support sharing counts. If False, only the share button will be displayed without the share counts.
Button Style
The style of the share buttons (small, medium, large)
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