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SocialShare General Settings

The General Settings control global features of the SocialShare Plugin.

Cache Share Service scripts locally
Whether or not to cache the AddToAny share service JavaScript, CSS, and images locally. If enabled, glFusion will fetch and story all the share service files locally. glFusion will refresh the cache file daily.

Generally, performance is better when this setting is off and the AddToAny share service files are retrieved directly from AddToAny.

The advantage to caching locally is that FireFox's Tracking Protection will not block the share buttons and JavaScript.

The default setting is enabled to enable FireFox users with Tracking Protection enabled to be able to see / utilize the share features.
Story Share Enabled
Whether or not to enable / disable story share feature. If disabled, the capability to place a sharing icon or button in the story icons or story body will be unavailable. If this setting is disabled - all entries on the Story Share tab will be disabled.
Replace glFusion's Social Share Button
If True, SocialShare will replace the glFusion social share buttons on all content types. If False, the Social Share features will be disabled.
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