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The glFusion Usage Stats [GUS] plugin collects statistics on who visits your site, what browser and operating system they are using, which pages they view, and which links they are clicking to get there. It allows the administrator to browse these stats through a series of tables, getting right down into the data.


  • glFusion v1.5.0 or newer


The GUS Plugin uses the glFusion automated plugin installer. Simply upload the distribution using the glFusion plugin installer located in the Plugin Administration page.


The upgrade process is identical to the installation process, simply upload the distribution from the Plugin Administration page.


In the Command & Control screen you will find a link to the GUS admin page where you may set up ignored IP addresses, pages, and users. By default the user and IP of the user who installed the plugin is entered in the ignore list and statistics capture is turned on. The admin page lets you enter additional users and IPs for which usage information will not be collected. It also allows you to enable and disable statics capture.

Set up security. Upon install, only the root users have access to statistics admin and viewing. You can delegate control for either of these functions through the user and group editors.

Configuration Settings

Hostname Lookup Method The method to use for host name lookup - can be 'host', 'nslookup', or 'gethostbyaddr'. If your system is set up such that you cannot execute shell commands, use 'gethostbyaddr'.
Timeout for host lookup Sets the timeout for host name lookup using 'host' or 'nslookup' [minimum 1 second]
Use MySQL Temporary Tables Set this to false if you know you cannot use temporary tables in your MySQL setup. If you aren't sure, then leave it set to true - everything will still work properly. This is only used as a slight optimization - it doesn't have to try to use TEMPORARY tables first.
Show Navigation Blocks Set these to show or hide the navigation blocks when viewing GUS
Show Extra Blocks Set these to show or hide the extra blocks
Ignore Non-Logged in Users Set this to true if you want to be able to ignore the user 'Anonymous'. Leaving it false allows a slight optimisation by eliminating a db lookup
Referrers to hide from Daily Summary Set this to the referrers you DO NOT want to show up in the day summary. Note that the data is still collected, it is just not visible in the day summary.
URL to Whois Lookup This the URL for the Whois lookup. This uses If you have an alternate source of this information supply it here.
Who's Online Block
Use user's full name If set to true then the full name is displayed if available instead of username
Show anonymous users If set to true, show only a count of users for Who's Online, Registered Users, and New Users to anon users
Show online users If set to true, show a list of who's online
Show Bots If set to true, then show bots as they access your site
Show registered Users If set to true, show Registered users
Show New Users If set to true, show New users
Show Daily Totals If set to true, show daily usage stats
Show Referrers If set to true, show referrers
Referrers to Exclude Set this to the referrers you DO NOT want to show up in the Who's Online block. Note that the data is still collected, it is just not visible in the block.
Max Referrers to Show Maximum number of referrers to show


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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