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evList Plugin

evList is a calendar alternative/solution. It is an event list. evList presents a well formatted list of events foregoing the bulky calendar tables, user friendly admin panels, numerous editor fields to ensure that no information is lacking, and a whole bunch more. evList supports recurring events, categories, and event reminders.


  • glFusion v1.6.0 or newer
  • PHP 5.6 and higher
  • lgLib plugin
  • create temporary tables privileges


The evList Plugin uses the glFusion automated plugin installer. Simply upload the distribtuion using the glFusion plugin installer located in the Plugin Administration page.


The upgrade process is identical to the installation process, simply upload the distribution from the Plugin Administration page.


  • Presents a well formatted list of events foregoing the bulky calendar tables.
  • PHP block functions to display various event ranges (default: upcoming events).
  • Numerous editor fields to ensure that no information is lacking.
  • Flexibility in which fields are required and which are not.
  • Supports recurring events and multiple formats for recurring events.
  • Supports split events, and all day events.
  • Supports gl autotags, stats, search and various other gl integrations.
  • Supports event categories and multiple categories per event.
  • Supports email reminders–really cool.
  • Supports a ticketing system for events.
  • Default events display various functions of evList.


The only required fields in the event editor are the event title and the start date year and month fields. All other fields are optional.

This event is posted in html mode. The other option is plaintext and any html will be stripped from such a post. Those fields that accept html are the summary, full description, and location fields. Note that this example event has been given a start date (year and month) and no end date. That is acceptable. The only required dates here are the start date year and month. This makes the list much more flexible in terms of what kind of events may be listed. Keep in mind that if you provide a time or a day, you must provide a month, or if you provide a month, you must provide a year, etc. For example: you cannot have an end time without an end date.

evList supports recurring events and offers a number of basic formats to choose from for configuring your event. An example of a recurring event is provided for you (example #4).

Your events may be categorized. This is not required. If you wish to view uncategorized events, simply do not choose a category from the drop-down on the event list page.

Events make use of the same permissions system as GL stories and so can be easily restricted. The contact section of the event editor asks for an email address. This is not required of course, but rest assured that while you will be able to read any email displayed, that email is encrypted to protect from bots scraping your pages for email addresses.

Event reminders have made their way into version 1.1 of evList. Unless an event is occurring within a week of now, an event reminder form will appear at the bottom of the event description. This form will take an email address and a number corresponding to days prior to an event in order for a reminder email to be sent that many days prior to the event. Reminders can be turned on/off per event, or globally.

Submission Queue

If you wish, as admin, to be notified of submissions to the queue, add “evlist” to $_CONF['notification']. Events that reside in the submissions queue awaiting approval are disabled and cannot be viewed by regular users until approved. Events so submitted can be deleted from the list of submissions in the queue or may be sent to the editor for editing. Sending a submission to the editor will provide you, the admin, with event details that do not get listed in the submission queue.

Approving submissions can be accomplished two ways: either from the submission queue, checking the “approve” check box; or sending the event from the queue to the event editor, and then checking the “enable event” check box. Submissions that are sent to the editor from the queue are disabled by default and must have the “enable event” check box checked before saving the event or it will remain a disabled event.

Regular events may also be enabled/disabled via the “enable event” check box in the event editor. You can gain access to disabled events through the admin lists.

A speed limit is enforced for submissions made by any user without evList admin rights. The speed limits are defined in the plugin's config.php file. A speed limit is defined for event submissions and another limit is defined for event reminder requests.

Notice that this event does not have an address listed. This is OK. Remember that there are only 3 required fields in the editor: the title field and the start date year and month fields.

Split Events

The day event check box in the event editor, if checked, causes the save event process to ignore any end time or split times that might have been supplied. An all day event goes all day after all. evList will display a small note on the event page that this event is an all day event.

A split event is and event that is split into one or more pieces, hence the name. evList supports your basic split where and event runs twice in one day. In this case the event will have 2 start and end dates. For example, an event may run in the morning and in the evening, but not in the afternoon. Rather than creating 2 events, simply supply start times and end times for the event on each side of the split

Regular events, all day events, as well as split events can all be recurring events–to be discussed in example #4.

Recurring Events

No matter the date and time information that you've entered, if an event is set to recur, then it will–then it will. If you check the recurring event box further fields will be presented to collect such information as how often the event will recur and when it will stop recurring if it indeed does stop recurring. An end date is not required for any event, even a recurring event.

A number of basic formats are available to use for your event. Daily, monthly and yearly events are pretty basic. You can also choose to have an event recur on particular days per week, or on a particular day (e.g., 2nd Sunday) per month. You may alternatively supply a list of dates upon which the event should recur.

An ending date is not required for recurring events, or for any events actually. If supplied, the event will only be displayed up to the end date, otherwise the event will continue to be displayed. A default display range for recurring events is hard-coded into the software to limit the number of events that are displayed. For example, if you have a daily recurring event that will recur for a year, only one month worth of recurrences will be displayed ahead of now. This default range is different depending upon the format chosen.

Depending upon the format chosen, recurring events might land on weekends and if that is not desired then you have the choice skip the event or to force it to the next business day. This applies to the daily (next business day not available for daily option), monthly and yearly by date formats.


evList supports the [event:] autotag. Arguments are..

  • id (required) the id of the event
  • text (optional) the text to show for the link. if empty the event title is used instead

Example: [event: 127456302 click here]

Configuration Options

All evList configuration options are controlled in the glFusion Configuration System. Select Configuration from the Command & Control screen, then select evList. The time is set in Languages and Locale.

General Settings

Allow anonymous users to view events?
Set this to TRUE to allow non-logged in users to view events. Set to FALSE to require that users login to see events.
Users allowed to add events?
Select either Admins Only, Logged-In Users or Logged-In+Anon Users to allow permission to add events.
Allow HTML when posting?
Set to TRUE to allow HTML use in the event description and the event summaries. ALL HTML will be filtered through the glFusion HTML filtering engine. Set to FALSE to disable the use of HTML.
Enable Categories
Set to TRUE to enable category support.
Reminder Speedlimit
How often, in seconds, you can select to be reminded of an event.
Posting Speedlimit
How often, in seconds, you can post a new event.
Enable email reminders
Select whether to allow visitors to enter their email address to receive a reminder of upcoming events.
Number of days prior to an event to allow reminders
Enter a minimum number of days before an event that a reminder can be sent.
Enable Comments
Select whether to enable guest comments on events.


Enable the menu item
Set this to TRUE to enable a link for evList to be placed in the User Menu. See User menu link option for more options.
User menu link option
Select if the User Menu link is; Add Event, List Events or None
Display glFusion Blocks
Select which glFusion blocks will be displayed along with event listing or calendar views.
An event ceases to be upcoming…
Select when an event falls off the 'Upcoming' list:
- as soon as the end date has passed
- as soon as the end time has passed
- as soon as the start date has passed, i.e.; the next day
- as soon as the start time has passed
Number of events to display per page
Enter the maximum number of events to be shown in list views.
Default View
Select the view to be shown by default upon viewing the main evList page, i.e.; Day, List, Month, Week, Year
Max. Upcoming days to show in list
Enter the maximum days in the future for events to be displayed in upcoming events blocks.
Integrate with the Locator plugin
Set to TRUE to integrate with the Locator plugin.
Integrate with the Weather plugin
Set to TRUE to integrate with the Weather plugin.

Centerblock Settings

Enable Centerblock?
Set to TRUE to enable the evList centerblock.
Centerblock Position
Select the position of the centerblock.
Which topic should the centerblock be displayed.
Select an event range to display
Select which event range to include in the centerblock.
Number of events to display
Number of events to display in the centerblock.
Number of characters to display in event summary
Number of characters (width) of the centerblock.


Enable Registration/Ticketing
Select whether users are able to sign up for events. Tickets are created for each signup.
Enable Ticket Printing
Select whether users can print their own paid or unpaid event tickets. If you enable registrations but do not actually use tickets you can turn this off.


Meetup API Key
Enter your API key for, if you wish to include events from Meetup in your calendars. See for more information.
Meetup Group ID(s)
Enter one or more group ID's to include in your calendars. Your API key must have permission to view the events in these goups (you must first join the groups). Separate multiple groups with commas, e.g. “12345,2468”.
Cache Minutes
Enter the number of minutes to cache results form This is meant to avoid excessive requests to Meetup.
Enable integration
Select True to enable integration.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


v1.4.5 Release TBD

  • Fix centerblock calendar
  • Fix paging in list view
  • Fix upcoming selection where end date has not passed
  • Set current page in list page navigation
  • Fix namespace for Date class instantiation in Recur.class.php


  • Fix missing namespace in calendar-format centerblock
  • Add adblock tags to event view templates
  • Fix function calls referencing the wrong plugin in upgrade.php


  • Move ticket format to a configuration item under RSVP
  • Show timezone in tooltips if not local
  • Implement Evlist namespace and class autoloader
  • Add overflow:auto to day blocks in monthly view
  • Added a Reminder class to handle reminder tasks
  • Require glFusion 1.6+
  • Add css to format long tooltips
  • Remove HTML calendar template, use AJAX only
  • Use configured numeric separators in location fields
  • Add timezone support for events
  • Change group IDs to array
  • Fix recurring multi-day events
  • Add key fields to repeats to help searching by date/time
  • Change AJAX functions to use Jquery
  • Make the ticket number format configurable


  • Fix calls to commentsupport function in another plugin


  • Add comment support
  • Moved ticket list to new tab on event page
  • Add calendar view and replace home page to centerblock


  • Add event signups
  • Add uikit-based templates
  • Add responsive month view calendar
  • Add ticketing and rsvp
  • Add event integration


  • Added AJAX calendar navigation


  • Fixed owner_id and group_id values when importing from CSV
  • Moved calendar popup javascript & css to separate plugin
  • Fix to allow yearly events based on DOM, e.g. last Monday in May


  • Added missing style & javascript for colorpicker.
  • Changed version check to accomodate patch-level versions, and require exact matches


  • Updated version number to fix error when calling COM_checkVersion() with patch-level releases (e.g. “”)
  • Implemented needed changes to centerblock


  • Fixed import bug when importing from glFusion calendar plugin start / end times for all day events
  • Save all event recurrences as discrete events:
    1. Allows editing of single instances
    2. Allows deletion of single or all future instances
    3. Improves search performance
  • Added multiple calendars and option to show/hide calendars (a la Google)
  • Replaced old date dropdowns & datepicker with a faster and language-aware version
  • Added new options for when events are no longer “upcoming” (Issue 648)
  • Added admin notification option when events are submitted to queue
  • Made the event owner contact link optional. (Issue 691)
  • Entry times now use 12 or 24-hour format based on global config (Issues 460, 530)
  • Full date-time values are used to check if starting is later than ending (Issue 704 revisited)
  • Category admin now uses more standard glFusion interface
  • Added RSS subscription icons to calendar view. Fixed date showing as 1970
  • Changes to upcoming events block so Multi-day events only show once
  • Added notification to admin upon submission to queue. (Issue 302)
  • New or changed configuration options:
    1. Added the default view to show (month, week, etc.)
    2. Added the max number of days to show in the Upcoming Events block
    3. Consolidated who may add events (Admin, Members, Anon) to a single variable
    4. Changed the date & time formats to values instead of database lookups
  • Added new “evlist.submit” feature to bypass the submission queue
  • Added integration with the Locator and Weather plugins. If these are installed, map and weather information can be displayed with the event detail


  • Implemented support for $_CONF['loginrequired']
  • Implemented new glFusion admin authentication
  • Implemented additional plugin calls for improved integration with other plugins
  • Configuration option to control which navigation blocks display
  • Added daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar views
  • Added a monthly calendar block


  • New Dutch translation
  • Fix layout issue when categories are enabled


  • Properly filter search by date ranges


  • Fixed recurring issue with items like 3rd tuesday of the month
  • Fixed several E_ALL warnings


  • Fixed issue where the body of the message did not appear when emailing of a new post (Mark)


  • Fixed issue where searching for & (or other special chars) would fail
  • Implemented support for glFusion 1.1.2 auto plugin install
  • Fixed several permission issues to allow evList Admin group to actually moderate events
  • Implemented ability to mail the evList Admin group on new submissions


  • Small HTML modifications
  • Added option to remove / add subscription
  • Fixed bug where configured permissions were not used on new events
  • Added configuration option for number of days prior to an event a reminder can be set
  • Added option to allow users email to be the default entry for a reminder form
  • Added configuration option for Enable Reminders to default install
  • Added option to import Calendar events
  • Fixed issue where we referred to the wrong image file, reported by LeeG
  • Fixed problem where author not shown in search results
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