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glFusion CMS is a content management and publishing system. It can be utilized as a content publishing system, a collaboration system, and even an application development framework. Regardless how you use it, glFusion CMS provides all the tools necessary to quickly create and maintain a content driven web site. glFusion CMS also provides a rich application development environment.

glFusion CMS is well organized and provides a very powerful system that is extremely easy to use. glFusion CMS powers everything from personal blogs, to high volume community discussion sites, and almost everything in between.


Content Management

glFusion supports multiple types of content - articles, discussion forums, files, photos, video, audio and many more. All configurable and extendable with additional plugins.


glFusion comes with several plugins already installed, but there are many more plugins available to bring additional functionality to your site. Setup a shopping cart, private messages, and many other plugins.

Content Integration

Auto tags provide the flexibility to integrate various types of content together. Embed slide shows in articles, easily create links to other content. The power and flexibility of auto tags opens up endless possibilities to create a unique site.

Built In Widgets

Easily create splash screens, image rotator, slide shows, and more with the built in widgets. The widgets allow you to quickly create eye catching content for your site.


Out of the box social integration allows users to easily share content on your site with their favorite social media site. Built in support for Facebook's Open Graph and Twitter Cards sharing APIs allow you to share rich media (stories with images, etc.) easily on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
glFusion can also allow your site users to login with their favorite social media login and promote their social media site membership's with 'Follow Me' icons.

Content Syndication

Publish your stories, file listings, comments, media items, etc. through standard RSS feeds allowing your site's content to be easily consumed through RSS readers and RSS services such as Feedly.

Content Moderation

Allow your user's to submit content, such as stories, comments, uploads, images, etc. User submitted content can be queued to allow review and approval before being made available on the site. You can have different groups of users moderate different sections of your site if needed, or one moderator can control it all!


Security is much more than a slogan to glFusion. Out of the box, glFusion comes with several protections against spam, bots and script kiddies. Tools including filters for known bot types, spam prevention, blocking known hacks, and user validation through various types of user friendly CAPTCHA options. We review our code continuously to identify potential for abuse. glFusion goes through web application scans to help identify potentials risks. Most recently, HP Fortify performed an full source code / web application audit. Due to this audit, several enhancements were made to provide more filtering and controls of user provided content.
In today's hostile Internet environment, no one can guarantee something is 100% secure, but we can use industry best practices and modern tools to help minimize our risks. glFusion comes out of the box with some protection modules enabled, with additional modules you can enable if you choose. We highly recommend you read Fighting Bots and review the Hardening your Site section of the wiki.
glFusion also has a very flexible permission model to finely control access to content and features of your site.

Open Source

Open Source development opens the door for everyone to participate and collaborate on glFusion features and functions. Check out How to get Involved and visit our GitHub Project site for more details.

Developer Friendly

glFusion has a well documented API allowing you to develop plugins, auto tags, and other customizations through existing hooks and APIs.


The best support method for glFusion CMS is here at the glFusion Web Site. There is an active community ready to help out.
We also have an active glFusion Online Chat where we discuss features and development work. You are welcome to join the conversation or drop by if you need some interactive support.
The glFusion CMS documentation is located at
The mailing list for announcements is [email protected] You can subscribe at This list is an extremely low traffic mailing list.
The mailing list for development discussions is [email protected] You can subscribe at
Please do not email or PM the developers directly unless asked by them - there is a good chance the email/private message will be missed due to the high volume of messages they receive. The glFusion Website and glFusion Online Chat Room are the best methods to receive support. The goal is to have questions asked and answered in a publicly available place so everyone can benefit from the answer and other experienced users can provide insight and answers.


You can visit our demo site to become familiar with the basic features of glFusion. Note, some features are disabled on the demo site for security reasons. glFusion Demo Site


glFusion is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.
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