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Moving a site to a new URL

There are several places in glFusion where the site url is stored and must be updated when moving to a new URL. Below is a step by step process to successfully move to a new URL….


Load the Files on the New Site

You will need to copy all of the glFusion distribution files and any data files (media gallery, forum attachments, etc.) to the new server.

Update Configuration Info

There are 2 configuration files you will need to edit and update.

  • public_html/siteconfig.php

Edit this file and near the bottom update the path to the private directory

  • private/db-config.php

Edit this file and update the database login information (if needed)

Update Online Configuration

The configuration data cached on the site must be updated.

Delete the private/data/layout_cache/$$$config$$$.cache file from your new site install.

The configuration data stored in the database must also be updated.

fusionrescue.php is a web based tool that runs independently of glFusion to allow you to edit the configuration data.

fusionrescue.php is located in the public_html/admin/install/ directory. If you have removed this directory after installing, simply reload it from the glFusion distribution archive.

Run the following command:

You will need to provide the database login credentials, the database name and the database prefix. All of this information is available in the db-config.php file located in the private/ directory.

Once in fusionrescue, you can update site paths and URLs.

DO NOT DIRECTLY EDIT THE CONFIGURATION DATA IN THE DATABASE USING A TOOL LIKE phpMyAdmin. This will mess up the data. Always use fusionrescue.php!

Remove Old Cache Files

glFusion uses several cache files to improve site performance. When moving your site to a new URL or directory structure, it is important that you remove all the old cache files. The cache files are located in the private/data/layout_cache/ directory - everything in this directory should be removed to ensure new cache files are built using the new configuration settings.

If you are already logged into your site as an administrative user, you can run:

This command will clear out all the cache files automatically.

Another option is to use an FTP program to remove everything in the private/data/layout_cache/ directory.

Check the Mail Settings

Validate that the Mail Settings (Configuration → Site → Mail tab) are correct for your new URL or host.

Verify the Site Works

The site should be accessible now. We are not done yet, there are other configurations that need to be updated…

Update Plugin Data

Media Gallery has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Media Gallery → System Options. Under the Host Environment tab there are 2 paths that need to be updated.

The Forum plugin has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Configuration → Forum, update the paths and URLs under the Attachment Settings group.

The FileMgmt plugin has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Configuration → FileMgmt, update the paths and URLs under the FileMgmt General Settings.


If everything went correctly, the site should be up and running on the new URL.

If you run into any problems, post the issue in the forums and we'll help you through the process.

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