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Welcome to the glFusion Developer Community! Our mission is to provide a platform for web development that is robust, stable, and easy to use and administer. We believe in open collaboration, in an environment where all ideas are welcome.

Our resources are available to anyone that has an interest in enhancing glFusion. Many times we hear folks say, “I wish I knew PHP and could help.” Well, now is your chance! It’s true that most code development is done in PHP, but there are many other areas where your skills and interests are needed. From plugin and theme creation, to graphic design, documentation, translation, and testing; your ideas, opinions, even evangelism and moral support are greatly needed. The opportunities for involvement are endless and we have a home for anyone who is interested in helping out. So jump in, share your ideas, roll up your sleeves and lets build something great together!

If you would like to participate, just let us know!


To aid in the development and structure of our collective vision, we have established a pattern of leadership to help maintain strong communication and organization of our resources. What follows below, outlines those roles and responsibilities we feel are vital to the success of our vision.

Project directors are responsible for the coordination, moderation, and delegation of the conceptualization, organization, and execution of projects they are involved with. To put it simply, they are in charge. They are the final decision makers when it comes to adding features, making modifications, etc. in all aspects of a particular project. Of course, each developer serves as project director for their respective projects, and may freely use the resources at outlined below.

Community members are encouraged to actively collaborate with and support each other. As projects grow and evolve, and areas of interest shift among our community, other members may take over project director responsibilities, with the endorsement of the current project directors. We all get burnt out at times, and it’s important to maintain fresh and proper perspectives.

Since this is an open community, feel free to delegate and ask for help whenever needed. Likewise, be willing to help out others when called upon. Great things can happen as individuals work together.

Currently, Mark Evans serves as project director for projects developed under the glFusion name, and is responsible for the overall administration of the glFusion website and resources listed below.

glFusion's GitHub Environment

glFusion uses GitHub to manage our Git code repositories. Everyone has full read capabilities on all of our source repositories. Commit rights (the ability to publish updates) are delegated through project directors.

GitHubIndependent project directors can host their own repositories, either on GitHub or elsewhere, and may grant access accordingly.

The URL for glFusion GitHub Environment is:

Discussion Forums

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome and of value. They might not always be acted upon by the respective project director, but remember that communication fosters creativity, and nothing slows development more than silence, indifference, and antipathy.

The forums here at are free to use for project discussions, or to provide tech support for your projects. We also have created a special forum where developers and other interested individuals can discuss in-progress projects, ideas, and other developments. Make sure to subscribe to any of the developer forums you are interested in to keep up with the latest development discussions.

Please keep the conversations civil and the language appropriate as we have open and passionate discussions. Many of us have children who will read the things that go on here and our desire is to maintain a high standard of conduct.

Issue Tracker

glFusion utilizes the Issue Tracker on our glFusion GitHub page to track bugs, feature requests, and enhancements.

Since it is separate from glFusion site membership, all community members are encouraged to create an account in the Issue Tracker.


DokuwikiglFusion maintains this documentation wiki for all glFusion projects. You are invited to use the same space for your projects as well. Each dev community member has full read / write access to the wiki environment. Everyone is encouraged to update the wiki with any new or additional information.


We are all here because we find enjoyment working in the Open Source world. We believe that as a group we can accomplish great things for glFusion and its community, and have fun along the way. We welcome you to our vision, and hope you find value in our resources. To be set up with any of the above resources, just ask The glFusion Development Team.

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