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Summary Index

The summary index view lists all media, from all albums, in most recent order. If Summary Index is enabled, it will replace the standard Media Gallery Index page (which lists all the albums).

The Summary Index view will display a © - Copyright line for each media item. Media Gallery will use the artist name if available, if not available, it will use the owner's name (person who uploaded the media).

In some cases, using the owner name may not be appropropriate. If you would like Media Gallery to only use the artist name and remove the © line when no artist name is available, you can do the following:

  • Copy the media_fi.thtml template to private/plugins/mediagallery/templates/custom/
  • Edit the new custom/media_fi.thtml and remove the following lines from the top of the file:
{!if !copyright_name}
{!!set copyright_name {owner_fullname} !!}
  • Save the template and that should do it.

Usage Tips

If you are using the Summary Index view, it is important that all of your Media Gallery albums have similar options for thumbnail size and album theme. By having consistency across all your albums, it will provide a much more consistent view of the aggregated media items in the Summary Index view.

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