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Getting Started – The Quick Start Guide

Most Media Gallery functions needed on a daily basis are available from the drop down menus located in the Media Gallery main view and the album view. For normal users, the drop down menus will only contain functions such as Search, but for Media Gallery Administrators and album owners, these menus will contain all the necessary functions to:

  • Create Albums
  • Edit Albums
  • Upload Media
  • Manage Media

Other, more advanced administrative functions are located in the Media Gallery Administration Screen. There you can setup the global Media Gallery configuration options, defaults to use when creating albums and other administrative functions.

The very first action you should perform after installation is to configure the global options for Media Gallery. Specifically, you need to make sure you have selected the graphics package and its location. The other options will be detailed later in the document and generally the default settings are adequate to get started. Navigate to the Media Gallery Administration Screen by selecting the Media Gallery link under the Admin Options menu.

From the Media Gallery Administration Screen, select the System Options link under the Configuration heading.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and make sure you select the proper graphics package for your environment and if necessary (for ImageMagick and NetPBM) provide the location where the executable programs are stored. You may need to check with your hosting provider to get this information. Save the configuration and Media Gallery will perform a self-check to ensure it can find the graphics package and that all directory permissions are properly set. If any errors are reported, please fix them before proceeding.

Creating Your First Album

From the Gallery Main View, select Create Album from the Options drop down menu. Give your new album a name and description, check the default settings to ensure they are to your liking and save. You now have your first album.

Adding Media to Your New Album

Now that you have a new album, let's put some media items into it. Click on the thumbnail from the Gallery Main View and that will navigate you to the new album. Now select Add Media from the Options drop down menu. This will give you the web based upload form. Use the Browse button to locate a media item on your local computer to upload and enter a title and description. Hit the save button and your media item will be uploaded. Once Media Gallery has processed the upload, you should see a confirmation message that the file was successfully processed. If you receive an error message, double check your configuration.

This concludes the Quick Start. Media Gallery has a lot of other features and methods for uploading media, please read the remainder of the documentation to gain a better understanding of all the functions and features Media Gallery has to offer.

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