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Media Gallery Look and Feel

Media Gallery’s look is controlled via template files and all fonts and colors are controlled via the glFusion theme style sheet.

Media Gallery does have an additional style sheet that is loaded, it contains styles specific to Media Gallery and generally does not need to be modified.

There are two special alignment classes in the style sheet:

  • .mgAdminAlignLeft
  • .mgAdminAlignRight

These two styles control the alignment of all of the admin screens. If you are using a Right to Left (RTL) language and the alignment does not look good, all you need to do is modify these two styles to meet your needs.

The MGpluginMI styles should not be altered, these remove all padding and margins from the Media Gallery images to allow the frames to properly display.

To easily change the color scheme or font in Media Gallery, you will want to edit the CSS for the .plugin styles located in your glFusion layout's style.css file.

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