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The Links Plugin allows you to maintain a set of links, like a blog roll, for your site. You can setup categories to help organize the links.

The configuration options to control how the links are displayed are set in the Online Configuration.

Managing Categories

You can create as many categories as you wish to help organize the links by subject or whatever criteria you choose. Categories can be nested, allowing sub-categories below other categories.

The category short name
Category ID
A unique identifier for this category - must not contain spaces or special characters
Detailed category description
Categories can be tied to glFusion topics if you wish.

Both users and site administrators can add new links. New links can be configured to go into the Moderation Queue allowing you the opportunity to review the link before it is live on your site.

Link Title
The title associated with the link
Link ID
System generated default - you can change this to any unique identifier you wish. It cannot contain spaces or special characters such as periods, commas, etc.
Link URL
The Link URL - this should include the http:// or the https:// prefix.
Select the category from the dropdown.
Link Hits
Incremented each time someone selects the link.
Link Description
A detailed description of the link or the site being linked to. This entry field is plain text, it does not allow HTML.
The owner of the link
The group owner
Controls who can view / edit the link.

There are a few tools available to assist with managing links on your site.

Validation will contact the site to ensure the link is still valid. Once you select Validate Links from the Admin Menu - a list of all links will be show - select Validate Now and glFusion will begin checking all links, showing the HTTP response code. Once the validation check is complete, you may wish to remove links that are no longer valid.

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