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glFusion is internationalized. Instead of containing language specific text messages, it tracks text in a special way so that it can be extracted and translated into other languages. Users will see a version of the text that has been converted into their own language. This allows glFusion to be used in many countries and does not force English as the primary language.

glFusion is also aware of 'Right to Left' (RTL) languages too, so there are no restrictions on translating glFusion to any language.

The site administrator will select the default site language. Users can also select their preferred language under the 'My Account' options. There is an admin configuration option available that will disable a user's ability to change the language.

Keep in mind that unless you provide a translation of user created content (such as stories), they will only be available in the language they were originally written in. The exception to this is if the site visitor chooses to use the Auto Translations widget (documented below).

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