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Hosting Environment Check

During the installation or upgrade process, the glFusion installer will check various attributes of your hosting environment to ensure everything is properly configured. This will ensure that glFusion functions properly and works as it should.

PHP Settings

The installer will check several PHP settings to ensure everything is properly configured both for security and compatibility with glFusion.

If any items are highlighted in red, you should adjust those settings before continuing.

Changing the PHP settings varies from host to host, so you should check with your host's technical support for assistance in modifying any PHP settings.

Attribute Suggested Value Description
PHP Version 5.3.3+ glFusion requires PHP version 5.3.3 or newer.
register_globals Off If PHP's register_globals is enabled, it can create security issues. It is highly recommended that you turn off register_globals.
safe_mode Off If PHP's safe_mode is enabled, some functions of glFusion may not work correctly. Specifically the Media Gallery plugin. glFusion can run with safe mode enabled, but we may ask that you turn it off if there are support issues.
open_basedir Off If open_basedir restrictions are enabled on your site, it may cause permission problems during the install. The File System Check will attempt to validate that glFusion has the proper permissions for all its directories, but you may need to ask your host to either turn off these restrictions or allow full read/write access to your entire web space.
memory_limit 48M It is recommended that you have at least 48M of memory enabled on your site. Depending on which plugins you have loaded and if you are uploading large images, 48M or more memory will be required.
file_uploads On Many features of glFusion require the ability to upload files, this should be enabled.
upload_max_filesize 8M glFusion allows you to upload plugins, images, and files. You should allow at least 8M for the upload size. This setting controls how large of a file you can upload.
post_max_size 8M post_max_size controls how large a single submit can be. If this value is smaller that upload_max_size, it will limit the size of the file you can upload. Also, if you are uploading multiple files on a single form (in Media Gallery for example), the total size of all items cannot exceed this value.

File System Check

The glFusion installer will test several directories to ensure it has the necessary permissions to read and write. If any issues are found they will be highlighted. You cannot continue the installation or upgrade process until these issues are resolved.

glFusion must be able to write to several areas of your site. For example, to upload and install plugins using the automated install process, glFusion must be able to write all the plugin's source files into the proper private/plugins/ and public_html/pluginname/ directories.

If your site has open_basedir restrictions enabled, you may need to contact your hosting provider and ask that they add the necessary glFusion directories to the allowed directory list.

Also, you can override some of the default directory location in the Path and Settings Screen. By overriding the default directories you may be able to resolve some permission issues caused by open_basedir restrictions.

open_basedir Restrictions

Some hosting services enable a PHP security feature known as open_basedir restriction. What this means is that the provider has set up a list of directories that PHP can write to. If a directory is not in the list, it simply will not allow any files to be created or modified in that directory.

Generally, when a provider implements open_basedir restrictions, they will allow the web server to write to files in the public_html/ directory, but may not allow files in the private/ directory to be modified. This can cause a problem when installing glFusion since we separate out several files into the private/ directory.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Move all the private/ files into a directory under your public_html/ directory. Don't call it private, instead make up a name that no one would be able to easily guess. It is only important that you know the directory name.

Try to install glFusion again, this time when asked for the private/ directory path, give it the path of your new directory under public_html/. 99% of the time this will resolve open_basedir permission problems.

Changing the PHP settings

How you change the PHP settings such as memory_limit varies from provider to provider. The best option is to contact the host's technical support or browse their online help section.

Below is a list of some of the popular hosting providers with links to their help document on changing the PHP settings:

Lunarpages -

IX Web Hosting -

Hostmonster -

HostGator - no FAQ found - email tech support

BlueHost -

FatCow -

iPowerWeb -

StartLogic -

A2 hosting -

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