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Getting Involved

Welcome to the glFusion community. Our goal is to welcome everyone with a desire to contribute, collaborate or simply learn more about glFusion.

The mailing list is a good place to find developers who are working on things you can help with, like the glFusion core code, plugins, and themes. glFusion also has an online chat / instant message room at Gitter IM. We love having folks drop by and say hello, ask a question or jump in and start contributing - stop by our glFusion Gitter Room and say hello! The glFusion Forums are also a great place to collaborate.

By providing feedback on features or current functionality, we can work together to improve glFusion.

Ways to Contribute


The Documentation is always in need of updates. Even if you only have used glFusion for a short time there is much to do.

  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Make and add screenshots of features or plugins where appropriate
  • Make sure recent development changes are documented and if not, document them or remind the developers who did the changes to document them.
  • Search for FIXME, try to fix them

Currently, all registered / logged-in-users have edit capabilities in the wiki. So if you see something that needs to be fixed - please fix it!


glFusion is always in need of good themes. Even if it is a creative modification to one of the existing themes.

If you create a new theme or a new color scheme for an existing theme, we would love to help you package it up so others can use it.


If you are interested in testing the latest development code, check out the Testing Help Page. We're also looking for folks to help test new features, make sure things work on different types of platforms, PHP versions, etc.

Socialize glFusion

Promote glFusion and invite other people to get involved.

  • Write about your own site on glFusion installations
  • Tweet it!
  • Share on Facebok
  • Blog about glFusion
  • Answer questions in the Forums
  • Share your experience on Open Hub, AlternativeTo or Twitter


We are always looking for more developers who help to fix bugs, clean up the code or implement new features. A large part of the development discussion happens in the Gitter Channel, this is a great place to introduce yourself. You should also subscribe to the glFusion Development mailing list.

Graphics Designers

We love coding, but always need help with graphics and designs. If you are a rock star with Photoshop, Gimp, or Inkscape with a good eye for design, we would love for your to introduce yourself and help with new icons or interface improvements, etc.

Introduce yourself to the glFusion Development Mailing List or drop by the glFusion Gitter Channel so we can welcome you to the group and start collaborating on any open needs.

It is all about Community

We love interacting with the glFusion community. The feedback we receive, the encouragement and even the criticisms make glFusion better and enjoyable to develop and support.

This page borrowed heavily from the concept, design and some text of the DokuWiki Get Involved Page, also licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. The content has been modified for the glFusion environment.

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