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fusionrescue.php allows you to make site configuration changes without going through the normal glFusion online interfaces. The main use of fusionrescue.php is to allow you to fix configuration settings that may have left your site in an inoperable state.

The fusionrescue.php file (and the whole install/ directory) should never be left online. It is best to delete this file and the install/ directory once you have completed your site installation or upgrade. If you run into problems and need to use fusionrescue.php, FTP it to your site and then remove once done.

Running fusionrescue.php

If you followed the glFusion installation instructions you have either renamed or removed the public_html/admin/install/ directory. If you have removed it, you will need to load the fusionrescue.php program from the glFusion distribution archive. If you have renamed the install/ directory, you will need to substitute the new directory name in place of install/ in the examples below.

To run fusionrescue.php, you'll need to execute the following command in your browser:

This will bring up the login screen. You will need to enter the database password that is used by your site to connect to the database. You can find this information in the private/db-config.php file on your web site.

Using fusionrescue

Once you have logged into fusionrescue, there are a few things you can do.

  • Reset to default several configuration settings
  • Modify glFusion configuration settings
  • Modify plugin configuration settings
  • Enable / Disable plugins
  • Repair Database Tables (not available if using InnoDB tables)
  • Reset password for a user

Reset glFusion configuration setting to default

Each configuration setting has a default value that is stored in the database. It is possible that the configuration data becomes corrupt, when this happens you can resolve the issue by resetting the value back to the default setting. To reset a value to its default value, select the checkbox under the Reset column for each setting and the press the Save button at the bottom of the page. After you have performed the reset, you may want to change the setting to match your site setup.

Modify glFusion Configuration Settings

This is useful if you have moved your site to a new host and you need to update the path settings stored in the database. You can also change any other configuration setting using fusionrescue.php. Simply select or enter the new setting and press save.

Modify Plugin Configuration Settings

There is a dropdown navigation menu at the top of the fusionrescue screen that allows you select any of the installed plugins. Select the plugin and press the submit. This will bring up the configuration settings for the selected plugin.

Enable / Disable Plugins

Select Plugin Admin from the dropdown menu at the top of the page and press submit. This will bring up a list of all installed plugins. You can enable or disable a plugin by checking / unchecking the checkbox to the right of the plugin name. Select saveplugins at the bottom of the screen once you have made your selections.

Reset Password

You must provide both the username and the email address for the user to reset their password.

Once you are done

If you had to load fusionrescue.php from the distribution archive and placed it in the public_html/admin/install/ directory, you will want to either rename the install/ directory to something no one else would know, or delete it. The install/ files should not be left online, especially fusionrescue.php since it would allow someone to keep trying to guess your database userid and login.

Typical Uses for fusionrescue.php

Moving a site to a new URL

There are several places in glFusion where the site url is stored and must be updated when moving to a new URL. Below is a step by step process to successfully move to a new URL….

Load the files to your new site

You will need to copy all of the glFusion distribution files and any data files (media gallery, forum attachments, etc.) to the new server.

Update configuration info

There are 2 configuration files you will need to edit and update.


Edit this file and near the bottom update the path to the private directory


Edit this file and update the database login information (if needed)

Update online configuration

The configuration data stored in the database must be updated.

fusionrescue.php is located in the public_html/admin/install/ directory. If you have removed this directory after installing, simply reload it from the glFusion distribution archive.

Run the following command:

You will need to provide the database login credentials, the database name and the database prefix. All of this information is available in the db-config.php file located in the private/ directory.

Once in fusionrescue, you can update site paths and URLs.

DO NOT DIRECTLY EDIT THE CONFIGURATION DATA IN THE DATABASE USING A TOOL LIKE phpMyAdmin. This will corrupt the data. Always use fusionrescue.php

Verify the site works

The site should be accessible now. We are not done yet, there are other configurations that need to be updated…

Update plugin data

Media Gallery has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Media Gallery → System Options. Under the Host Environment tab there are 2 paths that need to be updated.

The Forum plugin has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Configuration → Forum, update the paths and URLs under the Attachment Settings group.

The FileMgmt plugin has some path information stored in its configuration data. Go into Command & Control → Configuration → FileMgmt, update the paths and URLs under the FileMgmt General Settings.

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