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Forum Configuration

General Settings

Registration Required
If set to true, users must be logged into the site to view the forums. If false, all users, including non-logged in users can view the forums.
Login Required to Post
Do you need to be registered to create posts? Specifies whether or not you will allow non-logged-in users to create new posts or reply to existing posts. Set to yes to only allow logged-in-users to create Forum posts.
Enable User Rating System
If set to true, this enables the Community Moderation system which allows site users to 'rate' other users. The ability to read / post to the forums can be limited based on a users rating.
Enable Likes
If set to true, this enables the ability for users to Like a post.
Enable Likes Profile
If Enable Likes is true, setting this value to True will display the Likes Received and Likes Given for a user on their user profile page.
Allow Site Member List
If set to true, allow logged-in users to view a list of all site member.
Allow Email Notification
Do you want to allow people to be notified? Set to yes to enable notification emails to Forum subscribers when new posts are created.
Enable BBcode Signature
If set to true, uses will have the ability to define their own unique BBcode based signature. If set to false, the Forum will use the glFusion tag (signature) on the forum posts.
Show Topic Review when replying
Show Topic Review (Iframe) at bottom when replying to a topic? If set to Yes, the existing Forum posts will be displayed in an IFrame at the bottom of the edit screen.
Topic Review Order
Default setting for the order that topics are listed in the Topic Review window. Ascending shows the first topic followed by all replies, Descending show the latest reply first.
Allow user defined Date Formats
Use the user defined preference for Date/Time format where required.
Private Message Plugin installed?
If the Private Message plugin is installed, set this to True and a link will appear in the user's profile area of each post to send them a private message.
Refresh page after submission
Automatically refresh page after a submission?
Pause Delay
Pause delay in seconds if autorefresh mode used.
Topics Per Page
Number of topics to display when viewing the forum index
Posts Per Page
Number of posts to show per page
Messages per Page
Messages Admin screen - number of messages lines per page
Search Results
Number of records to show per page when viewing search results
Show Blocks
Which navigation blocks (left / right) should be displayed when viewing the Forum.
User Menu Type
Block Menu - Display the Forum menu in the left navigation column using a block format.
Nav Bar - Display the user menu as a set of tabs at the top of the Forum display.
MySQL 4+ Installed
If you have MySQL v4.1 or greater installed, set this to TRUE.
Silent Edit Default
When editing a post, if Silent Edit is checked, the post's date/time will not be modified. Set to TRUE if you want Silent Edit mode by default.
Avatar Width
Maximum width (in pixels) of the avatar graphic.
Allow IMG bbcode
If TRUE, allow the img bbcode. Set to FALSE to disable the img bbcode.
Show Moderators
Set to TRUE to display who the Forum moderators are for each forum.
NOTE Displaying the moderators requires several additional database calls and can quickly slow down the display of the forum page.
Pop-up number of chars / Popup Width
These 2 fields control the width and the number of characters shown in the tooltip.
NOTE: With the Nouveau theme, the pop-up width is fixed and this setting is ignored.
Quote Format
Format for quoting text.
Number of popular posts to show
Number of Popular posts to show in the Popular Tab
Number of last posts to show
Number of posts to show in the Latest Post Tab
Group Tags
Group tags allow you to associate 'badges' to users based on levels.

Attachment Settings

Maximum number of attachments
Maximum number of attachments allowed to a topic
Upload Path
Full, absolute path to store uploaded attachments
Download URL
Full URL to attachment download area.
File Permissions
File permissions to set on each uploaded attachment.
Maximum Image Width
Maximum image width in pixels
Maximum Image height
Maximum image height in pixels
Maximum Image Size
Maximum image size in bytes
Inline Image Width
Maximum size of an inline image.
Inline Image Height
Maximum height (px) of an inline image.
Allowable File Types
Allowed file types for attachments.
Allowable Image Types
Allowed image types for attachments.
Enable FileMgmt Integration for Attachments
If this is set to True, all forum attachments will be stored in the FileMgmt plugin.

Topic Posting Settings

Title Length
Maximum length (characters) for the topic subject
Min Name Length
Minimum length in characters requied for members name or anonymous name
Min Subject Length
Minimum length in characters required for Topic Subject to post
Min Post Length
Minimum length in characters contents of post must be
Popular Posts
Number of views required for topic to have popular rating
Posting Speedlimit
Time in seconds required between posts - to prevent spamming
Allowed time to allow members to edit their posts
Allowed time (min) to allow members to edit their posts. 0 means they can edit at any time after saving.
Allow HTML in posts?
Enable HTML to be used in posts. If set to NO then users will only be able to post in TEXT Mode but still use bbcode
Enable WYSIWYG Editor
If set to True, use the WYSIWYG editor for forum posts.

NOTE: The following 3 configuration options must be set to true to enable the WYSIWYG editor:
  • Allow HTML in Posts
  • Enable WYSIWYG Editor
  • HTML Mode as Default Post Mode
HTML mode as default post mode?
Enable HTML Mode as default - set to True.
Enable Text mode as default (safest) - set to False
Use Content Filter
Enable glFusion filtering of bad words
Code Formatting
For [code]..[/code] blocks use GeSHi syntax highlighting. If set to No, standard HTML <pre> tags will be used. GeSHi syntax highlighting makes source code much easier to read and highlights based on the language of the code.
GeSHi Use Line Numbers in Code Block
If set to True, line numbers will be added to each line of the code block.
GeSHi Overall GeSHi Code Block Style
A string containing valid CSS declarations. This is used to set the overall style for the GeSHi code block.
GeSHi Line Style
A string containing valid CSS declarations. This sets the style of the line numbers (if enabled above).
GeSHi Code Style
A string containing valid CSS declarations. Sets the style for the code area of the code block. When you use line numbers, the code area will inherit the style of the line numbers. This style will apply to the code area to ensure the proper style is applied to the code area. If Use Line Numbers is disabled, this style field is not used.
GeSHi Header Style
A string containing valid CSS declarations. Sets the style for the code area of the header line.
SpamX Plugin
Enable the Spam-X Plugin to filter out possible spam on all posts before saving
Use Stop Forum Spam
Enable Stop Forum Spam to filter out possible spam on all posts before saving
Allow Moods
Enable moods to be selected per post
Allow Smilies
Enable smilies to be used
Smilies Plugin
Smilies Plugin or external functions should be used for handling smilies

Centerblock Settings

Enable Centerblock
If Centerblock is enabled, a summary of the latest Forum posts will appear on the main site index page.
Homepage Only
Homepage Only
Number of posts
Number of posts to show in Centerblock
Title Length
Number of characters allowed in displayed subject
Placement on the page Top Of PageAfter Featured StoryBottom Of Page

Latest Posts Block Settings

Number of posts
Number of posts to show in latestposts block
Title Length
Number of characters allowed in displayed subject
Latest Posts
Only show the latest post per topic

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