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Testing Your Theme

One of the biggest challenges in theme development is making sure your theme looks the same (or at least similar) in all types of browsers. As a general rule, supporting the current production release and one release back of the big 3 browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Opera) is a good goal to shoot for.

Most folks have automatically upgraded to the latest release of IE (v7), so how do you test for IE6? If you are running XP, you can use the MultipleIE program which allows you to install older versions of IE without breaking your standard install. See for more information.

Firefox allows you to have both v2 and v1.5 installed at the same time.

Opera? FIXME

Another ways is to useBrowserShots. This produces screen shots of a specified site page in a large number of chosen browsers. Various options like scrren size and use of javascript can be chosen. This choice is less useful than proper testing in individual browsers but does allow quick checks of more esoteric combinations of browser and OS.

How To Test your Theme

If your theme is designed to allow varying number of columns, make sure you test with all three columns, then two and finally with only the main content area. Do this for all browsers you want to support.

Test all the glFusion admin screens. Make sure the Admin Home link renders properly in each browser.

Remember, glFusion has 3 types of stories, featured, normal and archived. Each of these has their one set of templates. Make sure all three properly display.

Test the major glFusion plugins. I would recommend that test your theme with the following popular plugins:

  • Forum
  • FileMgmt
  • Media Gallery
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