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Creating a glFusion Theme

When you are ready to create your new theme, it is always a good idea to start with the latest version of the Nouveau theme as your base.

First, copy the professional theme to the name you want your new theme to have (no spaces are allowed in the themename!) Here is an example for Un*x based systems.

   cp -R /path/to/glfusion/public_html/layout/professional /path/to/glfusion/public_html/layout/My_Theme_Name_No_Spaces

Change into your new theme directory:

 cd /path/to/glfusion/public_html/layout/My_Theme_Name_No_Spaces

Now edit the templates to suit your needs. Keep in mind that templates, generally are partial HTML files. The directory you just created holds ALL templates glFusion needs but you will only need to modify a small few to make a huge impact on the look.

In particular these are the templates you will undoubtedly want to change:

  • header.thtml
  • footer.thtml
  • blockheader.thtml
  • blockfooter.thtml
  • storybody.thtml
  • storybodytext.thtml
  • featuredstorybody.thtml
  • featuredstorybodytext.thtml
  • archivestorybody.thtml
  • archivestorybodytext.thtml
  • style.css
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