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glFusion provides several Application Programming Interfaces (API) that help a plugin or custom extensions integrate with glFusion.

API Category Description
Common (COM_) APIs glFusion Common Functions - These APIs provide access to core glFusion features and help with common tasks.
Comment (CMT_) APIs glFusion Comment API Interface
Database (DB_) APIs glFusion Database Abstraction API
Image (IMG_) APIs glFusion Image / Media Processing APIs
Plugin (PLG_) APIs glFusion plugin APIs
Plugin Integration (plugin_) Hooks glFusion Plugin Hooks - these functions should be implemented by each plugin.
Security (SEC_) APIs glFusion Security APIs
Rating (RATING_) APIs glFusion Star Rating APIs
Custom (CUSTOM_) Hooks glFusion Custom Hooks
Advanced Editor Integration How to integrate the advanced (WYSIWYG) editor into your plugins.
Search API glFusion Search APIs
Install API Installer how-to
Profile API Profile hooks
output.class.php API Set of APIs to handle styles, meta data, and JavaScript
sanitize.class.php API Input handler - not currently used.
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