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Plugin Integration Functions

Plugins should implement the functions below (only the ones needed) to provide full integration with glFusion and other plugins.

Function Description
plugin_autotags_{pluginmame} This function will allow plugins to support the use of custom autolinks in other site content.
plugin_autouninstall_{pluginmame} Implements a plugin's uninstall routine.
plugin_cclabel_{pluginmame} Place an icon on the Command & Control screen.
plugin_centerblock_{pluginmame} Allow plugin to display a centerblock.
plugin_chkVersion_{pluginmame} Return the current version of code.
plugin_commentPreSave_{pluginmame} Called before a comment is saved.
plugin_deletecomment_{pluginmame} Called when a comment is deleted.
plugin_displaycomment_{pluginmame} Display one or several comment(s)
plugin_dopluginsearch_{pluginmame} Perform search (v1 API) or provide search details and let glFusion perform the search (v2 API)
plugin_enablestatechange_{pluginmame} Inform plugin that it's about to be enabled or disabled
plugin_feedElementExtensions_{pluginmame} Get extension tags for a feed
plugin_feedExtensionTags_{pluginmame} Get meta tag extensions for a feed
plugin_feedNSExtensions_{pluginmame} Get namespace extensions for a feed
plugin_feedupdatecheck_{pluginmame} Plugin should check if a feed needs to be updated
plugin_getBlocks_{pluginmame} Provide dynamically created blocks
plugin_getadminoption_{pluginmame} Get entries for the Admins Block
plugin_getcommenturlid_{pluginmame} Provide URL of page to view comments and the unique identifier
plugin_getfeedcontent_{pluginmame} Get content of a plugin feed
plugin_getfeednames_{pluginmame} Get a list of feeds provided by the plugin
plugin_getglobaljs_{plugin_name} Allows a plugin to set global JavaScript variables.
plugin_getheadercode_{pluginmame} Add code, etc. to the HTML <head> section, e.g. meta tags
plugin_getheadercss_{plugin_name} Allows a plugin to add CSS files to the combined / compress css.php output.
plugin_getheaderjs_{pluginmame} Allows a plugin to add JavaScript files to the combined / compressed js.php output.
plugin_geticon_{pluginmame} Provide URL of the plugin's icon
plugin_getiteminfo_{pluginmame} Provide information about an item
plugin_getmenuitems_{pluginmame} adds a menu item which allows navigation to this plugin page
plugin_getuseroption_{pluginmame} Get entries for the User Functions Block
plugin_getwhatsnew_{pluginmame} Provide content for the What's New Block
plugin_group_changed_{pluginmame} A group's information has changed or a new group was created
plugin_handlepingoperation_{pluginmame} Accept or delete a Trackback or Pingback
plugin_install_{pluginmame} Tells a plugin to install itself DEPRECIATED
plugin_ismoderator_{pluginmame} Check to see if the current user is a moderator for this plugin
plugin_itemPreSave_{pluginmame} Called before an item is saved
plugin_itemdeleted_{pluginmame} An item was deleted
plugin_itemdisplay_{pluginmame} An item is about to be displayed - DEPRECIATED
plugin_itemsaved_{pluginmame} glFusion saved an item
plugin_moderationapprove_{pluginmame} Approve an item in the plugin's submission queue
plugin_moderationdelete_{pluginmame} Remove an item from the plugin's submission queue
plugin_moderationvalues_{pluginmame} Set plugin-specific moderation values
plugin_profileblocksdisplay_{pluginmame} Add template variables when displaying a block on the user profile page
plugin_profileblocksedit_{pluginmame} Add template variables to a block when editing the user profile
plugin_profileextrassave_{pluginmame} Save plugin-specific additions when saving a user's profile
plugin_profilevariablesdisplay_{pluginmame} Add template variables when displaying the user profile page
plugin_profilevariablesedit_{pluginmame} Add template variables when editing the user profile
plugin_runScheduledTask_{pluginmame} Run a task at a scheduled time (cronjob-like functionality)
plugin_savecomment_{pluginmame} Save a comment
plugin_savesubmission_{pluginmame} Save an item in the plugin's submission queue
plugin_searchtypes_{pluginmame} Provide entries for the “type” dropdown on the Advanced Search page
plugin_showstats_{pluginmame} Provide statistics information (summary and specifics)
plugin_statssummary_{pluginmame} Provide statistics for the summary only
plugin_submissioncount_{pluginmame} Return the number of items in the plugin's submission queue
plugin_submit_{pluginmame} Display the plugin's submission form
plugin_templatesetvars_{pluginmame} Add template variables to the standard templates, e.g. site header, articles, …
plugin_uninstall_{pluginmame} Plugin should uninstall itself
plugin_upgrade_{pluginmame} Tells a plugin to upgrade itself.
plugin_user_changed_{pluginmame} A user's profile information or preferences changed
plugin_user_create_{pluginmame} A new user was created
plugin_user_delete_{pluginmame} A user is about to be deleted
plugin_user_login_{pluginmame} A user has logged in (using the login form)
plugin_user_logout_{pluginmame} A user has logged out (explicitly, i.e. using the “Log Out” link)
plugin_whatsnewsupported_{pluginmame} Return headline and byline for the What's New Block
plugin_wsEnabled_{pluginmame} Whether or not the plugin supports the Webservices API
THEME_themeJS Allow a theme to add custom JavaScript to site header
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