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IMG_ Media Processing APIs

glFusion implements a small set of APIs that can be used by other glFusion plugins to manipulate image, audio, and video media. This allows other plugin developers to leverage the work we've done with glFusion in supporting three different image backends (ImageMagick, GD Libs, NetPBM).

These APIs are defined in private/system/lib-image.php and are not included in glFusion by default. Plugins or addons must call USES_lib_image() to load the lib-image.php prior to using these functions.

Function Description
IMG_getMediaMetaData Retrieves any meta data for the media item
IMG_convertImageFormat Convert an image from one format to another
IMG_resizeImage Resize an image file
IMG_rotateImage Rotate an image file
IMG_watermarkImage Apply a watermark image to another image
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