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CMT_ Functions

These functions are provided by system/lib-comment.php. lib-comment.php is not included by default. This requires a plugin or addon to include the library using the USES_lib_comments() function call prior to calling the CMT_ functions.

Function Description
CMT_commentBar Displays the comment control bar
CMT_commentForm Displays the comment form
CMT_deleteComment Deletes a given comment
CMT_getComment This function prints &$comments (db results set of comments) in comment format
CMT_prepareText Filters comment text and appends necessary tags (sig and/or edit)
CMT_reportAbusiveComment Display form to report abusive comment.
CMT_saveComment Save a comment
CMT_sendNotification Send an email notification for a new comment.
CMT_sendReport Send report about abusive comment
CMT_updateCommentcodes Disables comments for all stories where current time is past comment expire time and enables comments for certain number of most recent stories.
CMT_userComments Displays the comments in a high level format.
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