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glFusion supports the ability to scan user submitted content for words and phrases you identify in the content filter and replace them with (or another item of your choice). Generally, this is used to filter out profanity or other inappropriate words, but could also be used to prevent certain trademark names from being published, etc.

If you choose to use this feature - glFusion comes pre-configured with several words in the profanity category.

To enable Censor Mode - go to Command & Control → Configuration → Miscellaneous → Censor. Here you can configure how the censor will operate:

Censor Mode

Censor submissions and comments. Options are:

DisabledDo not filter content
Enabled(Exact Match)Must be an exact match, will not match parts of a word, for example, if you add ass to the filter, this will not match pass
Enabled(Word Beginning)Will match partial if the beginning of the word. For example, if you have ass in the filter, it would match on *ass*ume.
Enabled(Word Fragment)Will match anything with the word - for example, if you have ass in the filter, it would match on pass*, ass*ume

Censor Replace Text

Text to replace a censored word with.

Censor List

A list of items to look for an censor.

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