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This selects the primary theme to be used for your site. If Allow User Themes is set to false, this will be the only theme available on your site.
Themes Path
Directory where all themes reside

Advanced Settings

Always Show Right Blocks
If set to true, the right-side column of blocks will be displayed on all pages (instead of only on the index page). Newer themes in glFusion (starting with glFusion v1.5.0) have shifted the blocks, so the left blocks now display on the right, and the right blocks display in the footer. This means setting this to true on recent versions of glFusion will force the footer blocks to always display.
Show First Story as Featured
When set to True, this will render the first story on any page using the templates for a featured story, even if that story is not featured. This will even be applied to the first story on page 2 of a topic page, for example. Default False
Compress CSS
glFusion collects all the site CSS and sends it as a single item. glFusion can perform some simple compression (remove comments, whitespace, etc.) when it sends the CSS. This can speed up the page loads, but it makes the CSS difficult to read if you view the page source.
Include Template Comments in Page Source
Each template contains some internal comments (surrounded with {# #} ) that are removed before the template is sent to the browser. If this option is set to True, the {# and #} will become <!– –> HTML comments and will be included in the output to the browser. Also, the beginning and end of each template, along with it's physical location on the server, will be included in the output. This feature is useful if you are trying to determine which template controls a specific display item, or when developing a new theme.
If this is set to False, the comments are removed prior to sending the output to the browser.


Enable Template Caching
If this option is enabled (set to TRUE) all templates will be cached, which should improve performance of the web site. In some cases, caching could slow performance down. For example, if the disk access is slow on the web server or if the web server is accessing Windows shared drives, setting this option to FALSE may improve performance.
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