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Stories and Trackback

Story Options

Max Images per Article
Maximum number of images you can have in a story.
Stories per Page
Number of stories to limit the index page to, this same number will appear in the older stuff block.
Enable Infinite Scroll
If enabled, automatically fetch new stories when the user scrolls to the end of the screen.
Minimum Stories per Page
Minimum numbers of stories than can appear on a topic page
Show “Contributed By”
Show author username to public, and enable search by username
Hide Story Date
If True, the publish date for the story will appear in the story header.
If False, the date will not be displayed.
Hide Views Count
Whether to show (False) or to hide (True) the number of views a story has received.
Hide E-mail Icon
When set to True, this will disable the ability to send a story by email. It will also hide the email icon from stories and the “Email Article To a Friend” from the Story Options block.
Hide Print Icon
When set to True, this will disable display of a story in a “printer friendly” format. It will also hide the printer icon from stories and the “View Printable Version” from the Story Options block.
Enable Story Rating
Allow users to rate stories on the site. Valid options are
  • Disabled - no rating
  • Logged-In User - allow all Logged-in Users to rate stories
  • Everyone - Allow any site visitor to rate stories
Allow Page Breaks – Depreciated
Allow usage of the [page_break] tag in stories (when set to True), so that stories can spread over multiple pages.
Comments on Multi-page Articles
When the [page_break] tag is allowed in stories (see above), where should the story's comments be displayed: 'last' = on the story's last page only, 'first' = on the first page only, 'all' = on every page.
Topic Icon Alignment
Which side of article the topic image should be shown (right or left)
Show Topic Icon
Default setting for new stories and story submissions: Whether to show the topic icon (True) or not (False).
Draft Flag Default
Default setting for new stories created by Story Admins: Whether the story's draft flag should be set (True) or not (False).
Frontpage Default
Default setting for new stories and story submissions: Whether the story should appear on the site's frontpage (True) or only in its topic's page (False). Please note that for stories submitted to the archive topic, this setting will be ignored and the story will not appear on the frontpage.
Hide “No News” Message
When set to True, hide the “No News To Display” message on the index page (e.g. when viewing a topic without any stories in it)
Hide Main Page Navigation
When set to True, this option will hide the “Google paging” navigation from index.php, i.e. from the site's frontpage and all topic pages. This may come in handy for more advanced layouts but will of course prevent people from easily reaching older articles.
Only Root can Feature
When set to True, this will only allow members of the Root group to make a story “featured”, i.e. the sticky top story on the site.
After Saving Story
Page to land on after saving a story.

Trackback Options

Trackback Enabled
Enable (True) or disable (False) trackback comments. This applies to both sending and receiving trackback comments.
Trackback Default
Default value for new stories: Trackback enabled (True) or disabled (False).
Trackback Speed Limit
Number of seconds between two trackbacks / pingbacks from the same IP address.
Check Trackbacks
This option can be used to check the validity of a trackback. You can check if the URL in the trackback actually contains a link back to your site (otherwise, it's probably spam). You can also check if the trackback was sent from the proper IP address, (i.e. the IP of the site in the trackback URL. Again, if they don't match, it's probably spam). Note that you can add up the values below to do more than one check (but using option 1 and 2 doesn't make sense and will be treated as if you requested option 2). Options are:
  • Check against Site URL
  • Check against Site URL and full URL
  • Check full URL
  • Check IP against Site IP
  • Check IP and Full URL
  • Check IP and Site URL
  • Check IP, Full URL and Site URL
  • Don’t Check Anything|
Multiple Trackbacks
How to handle multiple trackbacks and pingbacks from the same source. Options are:
  • Allow multiple posts
  • Only keep latest (overwrite previous entries from this site)
  • Reject

Pingback Options

Pingback Enabled
Enable (True) or disable (False) pingback support. This applies to both sending and receiving pingbacks.
Create Pingback Excerpt
Unlike Trackbacks, Pingback don't include an excerpt of the text from the site linking to us. When this option is enabled, glFusion will try and create an excerpt by searching the backlink on the site that sent the Pingback, extract a piece of the text near the link, and use that as the excerpt for the Pingback.
Pingback Self
Pingbacks are sent out automatically to all the URLs linked from a story - which includes stories on your own site that you may have linked in the article. This option lets you specify how these “self pingbacks” are to be handled: Skip them, (i.e. don't send pingbacks to stories on your own site). Allow them, but obey the speed limit. Allow them and ignore the speed limit.
If your article contains more than one link to other stories on your site, then option 2 is probably of limited use, as it would only pingback the first linked story and run into the speed limit for the others.
Ping Enabled
Enable (True) or disable (False) the ability to ping weblog directory services like Technorati.
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