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The glFusion Spam-X plugin was created to fight the problem of comment spam for glFusion systems. If you are unfamiliar with comment spam you might see the Comment Spam Manifesto.

Spam protection in glFusion is mostly based on the Spam-X plugin, originally developed by Tom Willet. It has a modular architecture that allows it to be extended with new modules to fight the spammer's latest tricks, should the need arise. What is being checked for spam?

The Spam-X plugin's configuration can be changed from the Configuration admin panel: Spam-X Main Settings

Spam-X Configuration Options

Enable Logging
Whether to log recognized spam posts in the spamx.log logfile (if set to True) or not (False).
Don't Filter Admin Posts
The Spam-X plugin will filter posts by any user - even site admins. This can be a problem sometimes, e.g. when you want to post a note about spam that itself contains “spammy” URLs or keywords. When this option is set to True then posts made by users in the 'spamx Admin' group are not checked for spam.
Timeout (in seconds) for contacting external services such as SFS (Stop Forum Spam).
Notification Email
Email address to which spam notifications are sent when the Mail Admin action module is enabled.
Spam-X Actions
This only exists as a fallback in case $_CONF['spamx'] in glFusion's main configuration is not set. (i.e. $_CONF['spamx'] takes precedence).
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