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Links Plugin Configuration Options

Links Login Required
When set to true, only registered users can access the links section. Please note that Login Required in glFusion's main configuration takes precedence over this setting. So when 'loginrequired' is set to True, anonymous users can not access the links section even when Links Login Required is set to false.
Categories per Column
The number of link categories to display per column.
Links per Page
The number of links to show per page.
Show Top 10 Links
When both Categories per Column and Links per Page are not 0, the plugin will show a list of the 10 most clicked-on links on the Links plugin's index page automatically. If you do not want that “top 10” list there, set this option to false.
Show Category Description
Whether to show subcategory descriptions when viewing a category or not.
Hide New Links
Whether new links should be hidden from the “What's New” block (when set true) or whether to list them there (when set to false).
New Links Interval
For how long a link should be considered “new” and show up in the “What's New” block on the site. The interval is given in seconds, so the default value equals 14 days.
Hide Links Menu Entry
Whether to hide the “Links” entry from glFusion's menu bar (when set to true) or to show it (when set to false).
Enable Link Submission Queue
Whether links submitted by users will have to be approved by an admin first (when set true) or show up immediately (when set false).
Notification Email
Whether to send an email notification when a new link was submitted (when set to true) or not (when set to false).
Delete Links with Owner
Defines what to do when a user is deleted that is the owner of a link. When set to false, all links owned by the deleted user will be assigned to a user of the “Root” group (e.g. the site admin). When set to true, the links are deleted.
After Saving Link
Which page to go to after a links has been saved:
  • 'item': go to the linked site(!)
  • 'list': show admin's list of links (default)
  • 'plugin': display the public list of links
  • 'home': display the site's homepage
  • 'admin': go to the “Admin Home” page, i.e. Command & Control
ID of Root Category
ID to use for the root of the link categories tree.
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