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The db-config.php file contains the information needed to connect your site to the MySQL database server. These fields are automatically populated during the installation routine. Generally, you do not need to edit these values.

If you move your site to a new host, or the MySQL database server configuration changes for your site, you will need to update these fields to the new values.

Database Server name (to be entered in the form: hostname:port:unixsocket). In most cases you won't need to change the default value. The default value is localhost
Name of the glFusion database you have created on your database server
Username for the database user - this is used by glFusion to connect to your database
Password for the username configured above - this is used by glFusion to connect to your database
Prefix to put in front of all of glFusion's table names (to avoid name collisions with tables used by other applications).
This option tells glFusion which type of database it's running on. Currently, only mysql is supported.
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